Dry dead peonies from Walmart last summer

ryseryse_2004April 18, 2013

Last summer I bought them because they were 10 pkgs. for $1.00. I figured if even one came up, I was ahead. I planted them immediately and kept them watered throughout the drought. Nothing popped.

Today I went out to check on many peonies that were well established and then went to the place where the little dried-up thingies were planted. Guess what???????? Yep, some tiny little sprouts in several areas. I am amazed. Bruised, battered, neglected in their infancy --- some are going to make it.

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Yeah for the underdog, runt of the litter, left over bargain bin peonies!!!!! Isn't it great when it works out like that?

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10 packs for only a buck? wow! what a find. were they no name peonies? what a nice surprise, they will probably be prettier than the ones you already have established. hope they do bloom for you this year.

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Yes, 10 cents a pack -- they were practically giving them away. (unnamed) Then, a couple of isles over, I saw a rack of flower/herb seeds that were 30 for $1.00. I saw that the seeds were from 2010 so I told the guy I would take them all for $1.00.

I have winter sown most of the varieties so it will be interesting to see what comes up. My own saved seeds are viable for many years but I keep them in a refrigerator and in zip lock baggies. Who knows where these seeds were kept.

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I thought the same thing with mine and they came back. Will be watching for more peonies on clearance this year as well.

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So RyseRyse, have any of your wintersown end o'season seeds sprouted yet? A few of the more hardy varieties have started to come up here, a lot of the ones I put out were from older seed, too.

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Yes! Just about all of my jugs have some sprouts now. I was worried for awhile but spring is coming after all. I did find that milk jugs work best for me. I won't use the clear berry boxes again. They just dried out too fast even though I taped most of the holes shut.

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