visiting a wonderful palm garden in southern California

lzrddr(91360)March 29, 2011

Maybe one of the very best palm gardens in all of California, but if not, at least in the top 5. 2-3 acres on a super rocky hillside in a zone 10b (super rare zone in California)... grows things no one else can seem to, and extremely well. Here are a few shots of things in this 15 or so year old garden in San Diego county. We had our palm meeting there a few days ago. Perfect day, too.

shot of the garden showing typical size of rocks in garden (some were literally the size of a small house, and many had bridges and platforms built on them= owner owns a construction company).

Just one of several dozen super rare and perfectly grown Dypsis species: Dypsis tsaratananensis

overlooking nearly all of San Diego, these palms are now growing up into his view of the world... the beautiful one is a hybrid of Dypsis leptocheilos and probably cabadae

Dypsis florencei (actually not a real name- actual name is Dypsis paludosa)... form of D paludosa with red crownshaft

This is a palm almost no one else can grow in California... but particularly not to this degree... nearly 25' tall. Aiphanes aculeata

a common sight perhaps for those of you on the east coast, but here in California Coccothrinax over 2' tall are amazing... and this Coccothrinax barbadensis is nearly 20' tall... incredible

doesn't look like much but Livistona inermis is near impossible for anyone to grow in California unless you live in the desert.

didnt' get in good focus sadly... Kentiopsis pyriformis with new orangish leaf

another incredible sight- Gastrococos (now Acrocomia) crispa with trunk on it in California.. unheard of.

not a hard palm to grow, but looks great in this more tropical setting... Brahea armata

another easy grow, but still looks great. Wodyetia x Veitchia (Foxy Lady)

Basselinias aren't hard to grow, but this one is over 6' tall and has a nice red crownshaft (most here in California stay sort of dull colored)

any cycad fans out there? These two Encephalartos turneris are huge! One the female is coning.

super rare Encephalartos poggei

Encephalartos laurentianus female with two huge cones... yikes! Probably the first of this species to cone in California

another rare dypsis to see trunking in California: Dypsis fibrosa, one of the branching palms

Dypsis basilongus over 15' tall (mine never got past 2' before croaking)

Dypsis affinis full of ripe seed (tempting)

incredibly healthy Cyphophoenix nucele about 12' tall

my favorite of all the Braheas, though very hard to find (still looking after 20 years), Brahea pimo

Arenga undulatifolia- impossible to grow in California... I thought...

Aiphanes minima- also impossible to grow in California.. and this one is 20' tall and looks great

only Acanthophoenix rubra this size in California that I know of... wow.

common, but still amazing sometimes, Acrocomia aculeata

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I really enjoyed the pictures of all the palms! It must have taken decades for those palms to look so nice! Im amazed at how some of humidity loving palms are thriving. I always like the look of Wodyetia x Veitchia palms. The leaflets are really nice! Thanks for sharing! San Diego has one of the nicest climates in the world for gardening and it looks like palms from all different climates are all thriving practically next to each other in this garden!

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Just fantastic! Beautiful!

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Very nice pics! Now if only they had a coconut palm, too :p

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super super pics thanks again! -Jusitn in Vb

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Good comment about coconut palm... as tropical as many of those palms are, it is a testament to how difficult it is to grow a coconut in California, as he cannot. However, he does have a Borassus flabilefer, a species nearly on par with the coconut in terms in impossibility to grow in California... however his is over 15 years old and only 3' tall... and looks terrible. But it's alive. Maybe he should try again to grow a coconut... maybe in just the right spot...

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I like the use of the boulders in the landscape. My favorie palm here is the Brahea armata

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WOW!!!! Those are incredible! Could only imagine if I lived in zone 10

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Could someone please post the address of this garden. My son is visiting San Diego July 18th and really wants to visit this garden.

Thank you

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Beautiful palms in a beautiful setting!

That must have been great walking around there.

Curious if Bergstrom gardens is in that area(is it Bergstrom?),
anyway,they have real Takil growing there...not as pretty as
some of that stuff but it has proven to be quite rare....
esp in the U.S.

Thanks for taking the time to post those pics!

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I missed this post..thanks John for bringing it back. No coincidence this garden and Marty Darians are in the vincinity of San Diego. People in L.A. think of San Diego as a warmer climate even if they are Sunset rated as the same.
Amazing too-is this is how it looks at the worst time of year for tropicals in California-post winter. But,what is that golden fronded palm in the first photo?

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Could someone please post the address of this garden. My son is visiting San Diego July 18th and really wants to visit this garden.

Thank you

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Hunter_M(Kentucky Z.6)

Can't coconuts survive 10b? Since they do so well in 11.

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zone 10b in California is nothing like zone 10b in Florida, so the answer is really no, they do not grow here in Zone 10b.... but they have survived in spots (rare occurences). Zone 10a is even a pretty good zone for Coconuts on the east coast, though occasional freezes come along and wipe them out. We have no zone 11 in California (though some maps erroneously say there are some).

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