passiflora edulis

csetz5877July 23, 2012

I believe I have a passiflora edulis growing along my fenceline. Beautiful purple flowers growing everywhere. Sorry I don't have picture to post.

My question is, I have noticed little golf ball size fruits on it. How do you know when they are ready for picking. Last year I only noticed three or four and they were well hidden and basically shriveled up before I got to them, whith nothing but dry seeds in them.

Also, can you plant the seeds to grow more?

Just a novice here.

Thanks - Chad

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They'll change color, yellow or purple, depending on the variety. When the skin softens and begins to wrinkle it's ripe.

You can plant the seeds and will probably get blooms by the second season, maybe sooner.

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anything special to do to the seeds prior to planting

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