Is it too late to plant a P. incarnata outside?

mersiepoo(6)July 4, 2008

I had left it for dead over the winter, would throw some water on it occasionally. So in the spring it came back! It is still in its pot, has one little vine and that's it...looking pathetic. I wonder if I should put it outside so the deer can eat it.... Would it be too late to plant outside in zone 6a?

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I don't think so! Why don't you just keep it in a pot and stick it in the sun if your worried about it?

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I think it would be fine to transplant it now. I still have incense coming up all over the yard and I think incarnata is a hardier plant.

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I'm really surprised it survived over winter in a pot. Maypop roots are not very hardy, and usually will not survive temps much below 20 degrees F. Plant it now and it should be ok. I have never had them survive when planted in the fall, but summer is fine.

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I have mine planted close to the foundation of the house in zone 5 and it comes up every year. The warmth of the foundation keeps it fine in the winter.

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I think you're pretty safe, its still pretty early in the summer for them (mine haven't even started budding out yet)

I dug out a couple of root suckers last week and moved them. I got maybe 2-3 inches of straight down stems with them and they were wilty the first day and now have started pushing new leaves. (really nice moist soil). I'm not worried about them (though if they fail I'll just move more shoots next year). If yours fail, let ti be known and maybe someone will send you some new ones. (just be warned that they are late risers...mine didn't show this year until I was out of school)


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ethane(9 FL)

Same with me, mine don't start popping up until the end of June or beginning of July. I'm not sure what Kiwinut is talking about, maypop roots are very hardy in the ground (unless you have one from Florida maybe), but less so in a pot. Biggest thing is to keep them from getting soggy and rotting-that's usually what happens to the ones I've overwintered in pots (I get paranoid that they are too dry and then overwater...). I would plant it in the ground and not expect much from it until next year. Just don't look for it until July.

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I never said the roots were not hardy in the ground, but was pointing out that they are not very hardy without the insulation of the ground, and are easily killed in pots above ground during winter. I assumed that mersiepoo had left it outside in a pot, but now realize it must have been indoors. I have never had one survive outside in a pot, even when kept dry under the eaves.

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I'm in zone 7a, so a little warmer than you. I bet it will be fine if you transplant it now to an area that will be protected from the cold, harsh winter wind. For me, it's warmest at the South end of the house, but it comes back fine on the East side too. It's normal for the plants to die back to the roots each winter. I actually had a blackberry plant survive in a pot at the South end, up close to the house. (I know...blackberries are not to be grown in pots, but it was an experiment to see if primocanes would come up for tip-layering...and it worked!)

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