Looking for Inexpensive Tree Peonies

jxa44April 6, 2008

Hi All,

I'd like to plant six yellow tree peonies this season. My problem is all the tree peonies i like seem to cost billions of dollars. I don't want to go bankrupt buying my peonies. does anyone have suggestions for a vendor that they would suggest?

Also, I have a terrible problem with voles. they don't bother with my herbaceous peonies, do they eat tree peonies?

and one last question -- i live in northern california in the mountains. if you live nearby, how are you dealing with your on slaught of voles? I'm desperate!

thanx everyone!

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jennie(8 WA)

Seeds perhaps?

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Lowes had some for 9.97. That's still a fair price for them I think. They looked pretty nice.

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thanx to you both for responding. I don't know where to purchase seeds and I don't think we have a lowes near us. I live in nortern california and I haven't seen any tree peonies for sale. that's why i was going to buy then via the internet.

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Please do some study before you purchase the yellow tree peonies. From your last post it appears that you are a novice in the peony world. Peonies are not something that you go out and buy seeds and expect a plant to appear this year. If you are very lucky you might have a bloom in 3-4 years. If after study you want the yellow tree peonies ask your local nursery to order you some. The plant you receive would probably be 1 or 2 year graft and since most yellows have similar parentage the size of the graft will be short 3-8 inches. Yellows are very slow to grow but when reaching full size, which could be 1 foot or three feet, are wonderful.

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Happy2BeeME(4a NH)


I ran across this the other day and know nothing about the company...Haven't even looked them up on the watch dog...


Here is a link that might be useful: peonynursery

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thank you happy!

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Went to Lowes tonight. They had Zi Ba Guan, Quin Shan Guan and Luo Yang Hong. Was very tempted but they were very dried out. The sales lady said they been there for a few weeks. Bareroots just don't do well in room temp for that long. Will probably try to catch the shipment earlier next year.

You might want to try eBay. The ones I got were nice but have not yet flower so can't verify the cultivar. You usually have to get more than one to make the shipping worth it.

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