Thanks to Mark 4321 / Karyn/Eric/Crystal

rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)July 9, 2009

Mark, Karyn, Eric and Crystal you are so awesome and inspiring to us new gardeners...Mark my new passiflora you sent me is doing wonderful..My first..:) lol Mark you are my first..hahahh are you blushing?

Karyn would have never happened without you my brug/plant online mentor..:) I always look forward to your posts and learn so much...

You guys rock in spreading smiles...Eric you and Crystal too! I want to know your soil secret..That is some of the best smelling soil ever! Calif has some good stuff...

Thank you for sharing your plants through Mark...Everyone Mark traded his own plants for all of us! May it come back at you Mark! I dont know if that has ever been done on GW... A heartfelt thanks to Karyn, Mark, Eric and Crystal... A happy cheesehead..:) Barb

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Very kind words, Barb. Thank you, and you're welcome.

There is a lot of personal satisfaction to be gained by helping others, so I feel like it's a total win-win situation. A very generous woman helped us a ton when we were starting to grow, and now it seems it's our turn to "pay it forward".

As far as the soil goes, I think we got it at Lowe's... LOL. Patio Plus, probably, with a few minor amendments. But you are right about one thing... California has some good stuff!

Thanks again for the sweet comments.

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jkrup44(9B FL)

I would like to echo those sentiments. Randy has been extremely generous and helpful, as well as everyone else on this forum with their excellent information and advice. I would just like to say thanks! The good people here in the Passiflora forum are among the nicest you can find.

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Thanks so much Barb. That's sweet of you but I have to say I've gained much from you and the others you mentioned as well. You and Randy I've known for a while and I recently began corresponding/trading with Crystal. I thoroughly enjoy "talking" with all of you. I love that plants I pass on can continue to be shared with others as can the plants that are given to me. I really can't think of anything else that can be enjoyed by so many people.

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Mark and Karyn are indeed generous with plants and knowlege - I have seen their postings over the years. I will add that there are so many others who helped get me hooked and addicted to tropicals - THANKS, all!

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