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terrestrialApril 26, 2011

Good Afternoon, I've decided to create the first African-American flower society after reading Richard Westmacott's book, "African-American Gardening in the Rural South" and so, I was wondering if there are any peony plants named after famous African-Americans or African-American themes. I am also interested in plants named after famous Africans or African themes. I have already contacted the Daylily Association and have received a huge response!

I thank you for your time in this matter.

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If you do the searching you will find that there are many African-American gardening groups attached to churches and in local communities all accross the country. Some are loose groups, some are more organized.

There might be some peonies and peony people that fit your criteria but being of any ethnic group has not been of any importance to most people that like any type of peony.

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