Passiflora incarnata in Chicago?

franni(z5 IL)July 29, 2005

New to this forum -- hello all!

I grew up in the tropics and ate passion fruit from our vine. I now live in Chicago and I was thrilled to discover the native maypop, but not sure if it will overwinter here? Has anyone overwintered maypop in a Chicago or Northern Illinois garden?

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It should do just fine there. I had one for 2 summers & i have neighbors that have them come up every yr. We have to put lots of mulch on though...& i forgot to that last fall.
It will die back but will regrow in spring. (MAY POP!)

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

yes i live in iowa mine comes bk in june every sgoots popin out this yr, also. mine not bloomin like before though too dry???

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I am hesitating to give this information five years later after this message was posted. A beautiful varity of maypop grows in this Chigago garden:

If anyone lives there and has time to study this plant I wonder where the plant comes from (original habitat)and if it possible to get roots.

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