I finally woke my 14 ft. 'baby' up from her winter nap.

arctictropical(Z4)March 28, 2012

She looks better than any other year after her winter nap. Looks just like she did when I covered her at the end of October. On Saturday I'll wake up my 8 ft. Mediterranean Fan Palm that's been outside for over 20 years. In about 2 weeks, I'll wake up my 8 ft. Washingtonia that's just been outside for 2-3 years. The Trachy and Washingtonia are growning like weeds!

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Wow, beautiful palm! Its getting taller and taller every year and healthier too! One of the nicest trachys around and I don't know of any trachys looking like that in any other zone 4s! Looking forward to seeing the Med fan palm uncovered!
What was your low temperature this winter?
Thanks for sharing!

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mksmth zone 6b Tulsa Oklahoma(6b)

Just amazing! do you take the lumber down also. It makes it look potted which is kind of a cool look actually


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We will all be following your lead when it comes to covering huge palms.(-:

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That's just awesome! beautiful work in taking care of that baby.

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Thanks everyone! Alex, it was an incredibly WARM winter. It got down to about zero, but no lower. Very unusual. Mike, we took down a couple rows of the railroad ties, but just didn't have time to remove them all. I'm excited to pull the boxes off of the others. I'm going to plant a Mexican Blue Hesper fan palm this year. Maybe my Pino palm, if I find time to build another protection box.

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Wow, only 0F, that is pretty mild for a zone 4 (thats like the equivlant of a zone 10 winter here!). A Mexican Blue Hesper would look beautiful and Im sure it will thrive with your protection methods! Pindos are great palms too, I cant imagine my yard without at least 1!

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How how nice. and your son too lol hahah jk

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If anyone every asks me who my hero is, some athlete, a politician, some move star, I'm going to say, "no, it's the guy in Zone 4 Utah with a yard full of in-ground palms."

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Wow that palm is getting huge! Every year that goes by, the entire story of you growing palms that big gets more and more interesting and amazing. Nice job! I wish my trachys grew that fast.

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Great job again! Can't wait to see your trachy and washy when they are 20' plus.

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Hi Kaotickelly. Who says that's not me, but my son? Yeah, it's my 6' son, so you can get some idea how tall the palm is from the pic. Thanks Alex. Yeah, this past winter is far different than the -45 and -39 temperatures we had about 15 years ago. Last year it got down to -20, which is pretty normal. Denninmi, no hero here... just a guy with some crazy ideas! Islandbreeze, once the Trachys get established, they will really take off. I actually wish it would grow SLOWER! Chadec, I thought the Trachy was a fast grower, but the Washy grows twice as fast. I'm kind of scared of it. Yikes!

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Thats funny about the Washys....and you should be scared!

They are really fast!

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Hi Jim! Yeah. It's kind of like the Jack & the Beanstock story. I hope I don't wake up some morning and find it growing out of control! It's not only growing tall, but WIDE. I had to cut most of it's fronds off to get it under the box last Fall. I'm sure it will outgrow the Trachy in no time. I guess I'd better start looking for a crane fairly soon to get high enough to cover both of them.

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