Peonies cut down by lawn mower...

harley08April 12, 2008

My neighbor has mowed dowm my peonies with the lawn mower just as they were sprouting up and starting to grow. Can anyone tell me if they will recover and bloom next year?? I'm sure they are done for this year, but I'm hoping they are not wrecked for the next couple years. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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calistoga_al ca 15 usda 9

While I have never mowed my peonies, especially in the spring, because of the large reserves in the peony roots, I would expect them to recover Ok. Not so sure about the neighbor! Al

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jungseed(z4b & z2b)

Mine have gotten mowed every year for the last 4 years by the boys that mow our lawn during the summer while we are gone. Of course they don't get mowed until the end of May, so it may not be as bad. But they still come up every year. Although last year they were looking a little sparse. I've now gotten fencing,a grow through stand and flags to try to get them to stop mowing them, but....
Your's should make it.

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If your peonies are somewhat established, I wouldn't be surprised if you see some new shoots in a few weeks as some latent buds will take the opportunity to send up some growth. I've had some 3 yr old peonies have a few shoots get mowed over mid summer, and replacement shoots started growing. My subdivision contracts out to have berms, etc mowed...and I do the same thing as far as flagging them and staking early so they don't mow over my peonies. I was so upset the time they did mow them over, especially as some were already 1.5 ft tall! They might bloom for the 1st time this year, and I'm ecstatic as some of the shoots look HUGE!

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My peonies were mowed by my darling husband when they were in the ground for a year. They came back the next year. I have had them for 3 years now, still haven't flowered yet, but they were small to begin with.

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Well, you folks are making me feel a bit better. The kid who mows my lawn lopped off one peony bush and some new Iris shoots with his weed eater. It took me awhile to even catch my breath. Last year we lost all our peonies to a late surprise killing frost. Now this kid!!! I think the Iris will shoot back up, they're pretty tough, but it's nice to know the peony will make it. I had just planted it last year so the growth was only 4 new shoots. The kid will no longer weed-eat anything in the backyard -- ever!

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Can someone please help me?? My husband weed whacked my peony stalk right in half. Is it possible for me to stick it right in the ground where it was lopped off to try to save it??

I am so upset:(


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Regular peony no. Tree peony try it and see if it roots.

Keep his guilt on the backburner until this fall and order the expensive peony that you have been drooling over:))

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Oh yeah, way to work it, Maifleur! :) LOL

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