Spring Planting for Tree Peonies

deirdre_2007(7)April 29, 2009

Good afternoon,

I'm new to this forum, but I've been a member of Gardenweb for years. I've been in love with Tree Peonies for many years, and I finally broke down and bought some online from Whitman Farms. I just received them today, and while I've been doing some reading on them, I wanted some advice before I actually put them in the ground. I wasn't worried until I read that I should have planted them in fall, so now I'm a bit concerned.

The plants were in containers when they were shipped to me. Two are at least three feet tall, one with a bloom still on it, and the other is almost two feet tall. They are all well leafed out and healthy looking.

I live in NC, zone 7, so my plan is to put them in my garden that gets partial sun/shade. This area will get shade all morning, but then sun (hot direct sun) after 1:00 pm. I have another area, that I could put them in that would get mostly dappled sun throughout the day.

I have clay soil. I plan on digging huge enormous holes and putting in compost mixed with peat moss. I also read to throw in a cup of raw bone meal.

So far does this sound like a good plan? If not, please offer all the advice you can, because I want to make sure I'm doing everything I can to ensure their survival.

Thank you in advance for your assistance.

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Sounds like you got some nice plants.
Here in Oh, tps like lots of sun; they may need some shade in NC.
My planting holes are 18 inch dia X 18 inch deep; 24 X 24 might be better (and a lot more work).
Hopefully your vendor sent planting instructions.

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In my California garden I would choose the dappled shade location over full sun in the hottest part of the day. Amending the existing soil with compost I think is a good idea but that means mixing compost with your native soil, not using compost instead of your native soil. I never use peat or fertilizer as soil tests of my clay/loam soil have not indicated a need. I always plant tree peonies about four inches deeper than they were in the container. Your plants sound better than any I have ever planted. Al

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