Wild passi, probably incarnata

billnjennJuly 28, 2006

I recently found an area that had many, many wild P. Incarnata growing on it. I dug up a vine and brought it home and tried to plant it, but the leaves have completely wilted, dried, and fallen off--even though I've watered them religiously. Should I try to make a cutting instead? Would it work this far into the season?

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jblaschke(8b TX)

It's possible you over-watered. Passis don't like wet feet--I found this out to my dismay through personal experience. I suggest you back off and see if the roots sprout new growth, watering only when the soil gets dry.

Alternately, you might go back to that field and harvest some ripe fruit and plant a bunch of those seeds where you'd like them to sprout next year. You should get some coming up next year.

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I wasn't aware that didn't like to be kept moist. We were in an extremely hot pattern of temperatures during that time, so the soil was drying quite quickly. I have a P. Caerulea and P. Edulis, so I guess I can just wait and get some of the ripe fruit as there should be plenty--judging by what is on the vine now.

Will Incarnata flower the first season of planting from seed?

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jblaschke(8b TX)

I'm not sure if it'll set fruit, but it will flower if you started the seed early in the spring. I started one from seed back last August, and put it in the ground around the beginning of April. It's pretty sprawling right now, with several dozen flower buds on it and half a dozen fruit.

It's easy to over-water these plants when the temperature goes up. I did the same thing back in May when we had a two-week stretch where it hit triple digits on the mercury. I actually likked a vitifolia and a tenuiloba by watering daily in the mistaken notion I needed to "compensate" for the unseasonable heat. Moderation, as with all things, is the key I've learned. ;-)

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It's a good possibility that I overwatered, then. I was watering on a daily basis. I'm not really looking for fruit for the incarnata, just flowers as I would like to use the pollen for cross pollinating. Thanks for more information, though.

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