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chronokiento(z6 PA)July 15, 2008

Hi guys, I have a P. alata that went from just a 3 inches high to over 2 feet in under two months and I was just wondering if there was a way to grow it that I would still be able to move it inside for the winter. It's a tropical species so I know it won't be able to survive the winter here in PA, but it grows so well that I don't want it to be a permanently indoor plant. I currently have it in a big pot outside tied to a bamboo stake (which it has overgrown already) and it's starting to vine now, meaning it's gonna latch onto things and I won't be able to move it unless I cut it up.. which I'd rather avoid doing so that I can get it to flower as fast as possible.

So does anyone have a method of growing it in a portable sort of way?

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Krstofer(Zone 7 (ish))

Get one of those tomato cages & wrap it around that thing. 'Course if you have ferrets or cats & you don't want them "helping" in the winter get some chicken wire & cover the top of the pot first. Maybe even put wheels under the pot if it's really big so you can move it around easy.

I have about 100 passiflora who all live outside in the summer.. And survive (mostly) inside during the cold & rainy months.

Maybe even go big & get a 400 watt high pressure sodium or metal halide light for them for the winter. All your neighbors will think you're growing dope.. But that's ok if you have nothing to hide. ^_^

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chills71(Zone 6b Mi)

I have a (much smaller) bunch of passionflowers that I move in and out each year as well. I frequently have to cut back Lavender Lady when bringing it in, though if I can just wrap the vines around the rest of the plant I've been known to do that as well. (the others are treated similarily)

I don't try to work too hard to keep them actively growing over the winter. I keep as many of them as I can in a room with large south facing windows. I've found that spider mites are generally the biggest threat they face (and drying and losing leaves is common even without mites and such). I give Incense a bit of systemic insecticide (and the mites seem to like this one best so treating it has made treating the rest un-necessary.)

Don't put Caerulea right in the window or you might have people thinking you're growing dope (with the lights and everything).


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chronokiento(z6 PA)

Sorry about the late reply, having some cable troubles.

Thanks for the advice guys, I'll probably get a tomato cage and coerce it into growing around that for a while. They just grow so fast, it's crazy.

Another question, any chance that it will flower this year?

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