Maypop in Michigan question

virrasztoJuly 13, 2011

* I posted this in another forum, when I should have posted it in this forum. I don't know how to delete the other one.

I planted Maypops two years ago. Last year, they came up beautifully, and mid-May, they 'popped' up and grew fast and furious. By end of may they were in full bloom. This year, however, I had all but given up on them. I kept checking to see if they had started sprouting and figured they were gone for good. Today, during a walk through my yard, I was surprised to see them growing.

Isn't this unusual for Maypops?

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Not unusual at all. I'm in zone 7 and some of my incarnata vines don't emerge until late June, early July. Plants I have at the end of the driveway are about the same size as the ones in your pic. The ones near the house are significantly bigger. Probably because the brick radiates heat into the soil.

You might want to pull up some of the grass and plants growing near the passion vines.

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I just went out and pulled up the junk growing near them. I hadn't done it because I didn't think they were going to come up. I was certain they should have been much bigger than these by now.

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