WANTED: Trying something New

becki25msmolly(5)January 18, 2014

Hi Everyone, I am really interested in trying to grow a few new varieties of peppers this year. I'm really nervous of buying hot pepper seeds again. I bought some trinidad moruga scorpions last year and they turned out to be in the jalepeno family. That's what I get for shopping Amazon. I'm hoping some of you seasoned growers might have some seeds to share. I would love to sase or if you have something you're looking for that I have - I would LOVE to trade.
Peppers I have are: (these are all that I grew and collected in 2013 - ( I do have a few cayenne or habenero that are commercial packs if you are interested in those)

cherry bomb
yellow hot hab
red hot hab
new mexican chili
red chili

I also have tons of perennial seeds and other veggies if you don't see any peppers you need. Check out my member page I just listed some of the seeds I have available- I have more just haven't posted everything. I really want to grow my pepper selection and am looking for:

Trinidad Scorpion
Big Sun Habanero
Chocolate Habanero
Balck Congo
Devil's Tongue
Georgia Flame
Purple Jalapeno
peter pepper

Looking for these tomatoes also:
amish Paste
cupid hybrid
dwarf husky
Italian Goliath
Bush Goliath

I'm open to others just am really interested in these. If you made it this far then "I thank you very much for taking the time out to read this!" Please contact me -- whether you have alot or a little to trade I want to feed this addiction lol thanks again and hope to start trading soon, Becki

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