Red ants and peonies

WDW58April 21, 2013

Here in Ontario Canada my peonies are up to about 6 inches tall. Today I noticed one had quite a large mound of grayish dirt around it. Moved some of the dirt and behold, lots and lots of red ants. This peonie is right against the house. I was wondering how I could get rid of these litle visitors before they move into the house.
I am aware that peonies need ants to help with their blooms but in years past it was the black ants that did so. Not this many red ants around before.
Thank you for any help you can give me

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Have you tried adding used coffee grounds to the soil around the peonies? Any non-flavored will do, I know Starbucks here will give used grounds away and the ants don't like it at all. And the ants really don't help the peonies open, they'll be fine with or without them! You should be able to just sprinkle the dry grounds in your peony beds on top of mulch (it'll wash down with the sprinklers or rain) or scratch it in to compost or soil, use it like any other amendment.

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Diatomaceous Earth works immediately. BTW, peonies have no need for ants. The ants are drawn to peonies for the nectar.

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