Tree Peonies from Naturally Dispersed Seeds?

BroomMakerApril 13, 2012

Has anyone had seeds that fell to the ground sprout?

I have several TPs that have been producing good looking seeds for several years. Every year I collect some with intentions of planting them, but most fall to the ground. I have never seen any new plants sprout in the garden. Do the rodents etc get them all?

I have this week taken a mix of seeds from different plants and different years and put them in a Parks Seeds Bio-Sponge unit. I would be happy to get just one!

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When I've have sprinkled TP seeds right on the ground, they often put a root into the ground, and even if they end up getting covered up, they are very prone to coming up too early in the season and get killed off by freezes. I have also seen pill bugs eat out all the insides of the seed before they ever have a chance to sprout. It's not uncommon for them to attack the TP seedlings when they are still tender, but once they harden off, they are pretty resistant to most environmental factors as long as they don't get transplanted. It's not OK to transplant them until they go dormant in the fall.

I've found that the TP seeds that are planted around 2 inches deep in the flower beds are by far more successful because they generally emerge when freezes are not as bad, and they are protected from either drying out completely or any pests that may get to them before then.

If you try any indoor method, be prepared to lose a lot of them because it is very hard to grow them outside of a natural environment.

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