Taiyo Peony Tree Yellow Leaves

wdw.addictApril 9, 2009

I purchased a lovely 4 year old Taiyo peony tree in a 5 gallon pot last year with 3 buds. This year I have no buds and yellowing leaves. The tree is still in the pot and when there is sun it gets 6 hours of morning/early afternoon sun. I did not fertilize it.

I hope the yellowing leaves is not a sign that the tree is dying. Does anyone have suggestions how to reverse or improve the leaf color?

Thanks in advance.

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Do you notice the leaf veins are green but the leaf is yellow? this condition is called chlorosis and generally is caused by an iron deficiency. I would recommend a good fertilizer containing all the minors. If you intend to keep it permanently in a container, I would repot into a larger container with a long life well drained mix. Tree peonies do not need as much chilling as herbaceous but in zone ten you may be having a chilling deficiency. Al

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