Lady Margaret has a fruit :S

aurorawa(8B)July 30, 2014

Okay, so the only other passion flower I had blooming at the same time that is capable of pollinating Lady Margaret is my Caerulea. The fruit has been on the vine since early June, and has gotten larger. I honestly wasn't expecting this, so maybe it's a good thing? The pic I took was taken in late June. Today, the fruit is about 3.5 inches, and seems to be developing segment-type striations. I have also included photos of the Lady Margaret flower that turned into this fruit.

Do I let the fruit fall off, as I do with my others? I definitely don't think I will be eating this one, lol. May see if seeds are viable, though.

The flower:

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The fully open flower:

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And the fruit (the fruit is just under 2 inches in this photo, taken late June):

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Will be interesting to see if you get some viable seeds. P. caerulea seems to be a stud in the passi garden. Keep us updated!

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Interestingly, some messages just came across the old Passiflora-l list (which is essentially dead) about P. 'Lady Margaret' fruit. People report that the fruit is delicious, however typically is nearly empty. Tim Skimina, who made the hybrid, reports that P. edulis 'Frederick' pollen gives a full fruit. Presumably this would require hand pollination. He does remind people to not eat unripe fruit.

I found all of this very interesting. P. edulis 'Frederick' and P. 'Lady Margaret' sound like they are worth planting together, for someone willing to do a little extra work to get fruit off the latter.

Passiflora 'Lady Margaret' is P. coccinea x P. incarnata, both of which are edible, of course.

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