Passion vine has white dust on leaves

winniethepooh65July 4, 2005

I live in Vancouver BC and have been very sucessful in growing a passion vine. Last year and this year it has produces an unlimited amount of flowers and has grown (what seems) several inches a day. Yesterday I went out and noticed that some of the leaves have turned yellow and withered and on others there is what appears to be white dust. I am crushed at the thought of loosing my beautiful passion vine. Could this be fungus or ???

Any thought on this would be greatly appreciated


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You might have powdery mildew. I use a baking soda solution to treat it; some people use milk.
You need to watch your other plants as it can spread. Make sure they have good ventilation.

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Thanks for the information. I will try the milk. I had an ant problem next to the vine and went out and placed ant traps...........the ants are now gone and I am wondering if they were keeping the vine clear of disease??? Lesson learnt is one should never mess with mother nature

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winniethepooh65, I read an article regarding powdery mildew on mangoÂs in the California Rare Fruit Growers magazine, & I thought I would pass it along. It said skim milk should be used  1 park milk to 9 parts water as a weekly spray. The low fat content of the milk reduces odor. If the concentration is above 3 parts milk, another fungus can grow on the plants. Other recommendations in included the baking soda & sulfur sprays.

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