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amberdimApril 7, 2014

After I almost had a heart attack after seeing some of my peonies under the water, I think only 2 out of all of them in that area are still in question. In a different area where all my tree peonies planted I lost 1 for sure as it was just 1 stem to begin with and now after all of the snow is gone the stem is out of the ground brown and lifeless... will replace in the fall with more mature one I already ordered. I have about 42 peonies so far mostly tree and Itoh's. Hopefully they all bloom well this year after such a harsh winter we had...

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I am so glad to hear that most of your peonies survived. I hope this wet winter means a drier spring. That will be awesome weather for the peonies. Please post pictures of your blooms.

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Last spring, I had that issue where there was too much flooding, but I solved it by laying down lots of gypsum to break up the clay soil to allow for better drainage.

Once average temperatures get above 50F, they will take off like crazy.

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