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gee8chJuly 26, 2008

My local Walmart has what seem to be some healthy looking Passion Vines. I bought two! They are both loaded with buds, and one has two small fruits hanging from it. They are labeled "Lavender Lady." Can someone please tell me if these are hardy, or in need of special care, and will they bloom readily? How much water do they require? I am in a VERY HOT and DRY, DRY area!! Any and all advice appreciated. I don't want to lose these vines and I'm learning a lot from this forum. TIA Gloria

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Hi Gloria. If it has a fruit it's probably not Lavender Lady but an Amethyst. They pretty much look the same but the LL is a sterile variety. They would probably love your climate. Just plant them along your fence.

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Thanks, Karyn. That's where they will be going. So glad to hear they like it hot and dry. Looking forward to attracting the bees and the butterflies (and catapillars, too!) Hope to see some bats, but they don't seem to come up this high in the foothills. My son has them (he supplies houses for them) down in the "flatland"!!) Sure appreciate the good news. Gloria

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