New Bartzella Has 17 Eyes!

casey1gwApril 7, 2013

I just planted this huge root. I broke one eye off so it only has 16 left. This Itoh seems to be very vigorous. Can't wait to see if I get a bloom this year.

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My bartzella seems to be making a lot of eyes too, but it doesn't look like it is quite at 17.

You might need to split up your bartzella this fall if it's getting too crowded. I've read that they will produce less and less flowers when the roots grow too massive.

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If anyone is interested in propagating the itohs, here are some interesting observations from hybridizers: You can root stems with eyes in the fall. Just cut off the stems with buds/eyes and stick them in the soil in a location where the eyes are not exposed to freezing temps. According to this hybridizer, he gets 50% success rate. If you are dividing an Itoh root, you will most likely come across a very woody section of the peony root. You will probably have to saw this woody area into sections. According to the hybridizer sometimes, dormant eyes that are stuck inside the woody section will develop from the surface of the sawed woody part of the root.

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I just counted 15 eyes on mine which only had 2 stems last year so it's performing pretty well. Lets hope some of them end up flowering too.

It's almost time to give them a good sprinkling of azomite.

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Here's my bartzella really coming on strong this year.

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What is azorite and where would I get it

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Azomite is a micro-nutrient supplement which seems to make peonies grow firmer. You should have a local source of it if you check out the azomite website as it would be very expensive for a 44lb bag from eBay.

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one of the major on-line stores advertises azomite for $75.99 and free shipping for the 44 lb bag, is that a good price?

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Definitely NOT. That's a huge markup as it's not even that expensive on eBay.

You can also quote the vendors on eBay directly to buy from them directly so they avoid the huge final value fees they need to pay if the transaction is done through eBay.

I got 5 bags of 44lb azomite for around $30 per bag at my local retailer. I would suggest calling around, and asking for a quote from a few of the suppliers close to you. You should still be able to negotiate them down around 10-20% especially if you are getting more than 1, and if you happen to have the leverage of many distributors in your area.

Here is a link that might be useful: Azomite distributors

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Stevelau1911, does Azomite really work for peonies? In what ways does Azomite help peonies? How much do you apply to your peonies plants? A tbsp or a cup/ plant?

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It does seem to make the stems firmer, and leaves thicker. For 1st year seedlings, I will only sprinkle a pinch on each, and more like a tablespoon for a 5-10 inch tall small peony. It makes sense to use it right when peonies are starting their growth in the spring, and that should be enough for the year.

1 cup would probably be overkill unless you happen to have mature 5-6ft mature tree peony that produces 50+ blooms..

For a herbaceous clump, I think a couple of tablespoons would be sufficient.

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