ID if possible

markparsons435(6b)April 13, 2013

Hi everyone! First day on GW

I moved in to a new house and this guy popped up this week. I posted in the "Name that plant" forum and someone said it was a peony.

My question now - is it possible to determine what kind of peony it might be at this point? Or will that need to wait until it blooms.


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You'll probably have to wait until it blooms, even then it could be hard since there are so many named varieties of peonies. You might want to see if anyone else in your immediate area has peonies coming up now. You can probably get an idea of whether yours is an early, mid or late bloomer based on when the blooms open compared to your neighbors, might help in the id process. Good luck!

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Thanks so much for the reply .. I will post pics when it blooms :)

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