swap meet squash question

OklaMoniJune 20, 2012

Who had squash plants at the swap meet? I went home with one. I got the following squash:

But I am not familiar with that kind. How large should I let it get?

Is it ready to harvest?


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I would pick it now. It is a 'patty-pan' type, and sometimes called white scalloped, and used as a summer squash. You can eat them from very small up to about the size of yours. The shape is awkward, but the taste is good. You can also find seed for a bright yellow one in the same shape, and several other colors.

Here is a link that might be useful: Squash

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Thanks soonergrandmom! I went right out and cut it off. Got two small ones, about the size of a silver dollar. Will wait till tomorrow or the day after for those.


Thanks a bunch, to whomever brought that plant. I grew pretty well, while I was gone riding the Oklahoma FreeWheel.


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I brought the pattypan squash. It is my favorite summer squash. I slice it up and down (trying to make circles ends up badly) about 1/4-1/2" thick and either sautee it or bake it with olive oil, salt and papper. This summer I have experimented and I also like it with garlic, oregano, basil, thyme, and rosemary. The salt, pepper, and rosemary combo is my favorite.

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Pattypan squash is great for stuffed grilling as well. I slice top potion and remove inside stuff and chaff it and mix with cheese, garlic, salt and pepper and some herbs ans spice and fill it back and grill it with olive sprinkled on it..

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Well, it was delish! I had it with some angel hair pasta this evening.

I sliced it. Sprinkled it with rosemary powder on one side.. turned it over in grape seed oil, and sprinkled garlic salt on the other side. Then I grilled them on george foreman.

Just delish.

Need to harvest some more tomorrow. :)


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