Need help with ID Please - Part 2

orphieg(Z9, FL)July 15, 2006

Hi all,

It's me again! I have another passie that I can't ID. I have it growing in a hanging basket. It has small green flowers (about the size of a quarter) and produces small black berries. It's very prolific and a great plant. Although, the butterflies don't care for it!

Thanks for your help.


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That looks like Subrosa... I'm I right? Anyone else....

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Yes, I think so. It grows in my yard as a volunteer, through the hedges, on the ground, and on my fence. I love it cause the Gulf Frits love it in the spring when my Incarnata has yet returned. Zebra Longwings will use it but not as much. I thought for a long time that it was Lutea, still haven't found pictures to compare the two but it does make great ground cover.

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orphieg(Z9, FL)


Thank you both. I believe it is the suberosa from what I could find after reading your responses and I did have some of those seeds. The lutea has longer "hairs" and the leaves are more rounded.

Now just got to find out what the other one is!! It's the one the GF's prefer. Haven't ever seen any on the suberosa.

Thanks again.

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