P. Edulis planted now

billnjennJuly 22, 2006

If I obtained a small seedling P. Edulis now, can I expect much out of it this season? Also, should I buy two P. Edulis instead of one to make for the cross-pollination?

I've found some wild-growing passi growing here in West KY, but it is growing on ground that is being mined for coal. I really won't be able to dig any of it, but I won't have any trouble picking up the ripe fruite after it's fallen off. Would I have a terribly hard time getting the seeds to germinate in the spring?

As you notice, I'm a noobie--but I'm hooked. LOL


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Hi, you will love passionflowers they are so addicting!
You may not get blooms or fruit this year but you can overwinter it in the house and it will set fruit next year with the right pollinator.
Now as for cross pollination: It depends on which p_edulis you have. There are basically two kinds of edulis. One has yellow fruit, and one has purple fruit. So you need to find out which one you have. The purple fruited varieties are self fertile and the yellow fruited ones need a pollinator of a different variety than itself. So two yellows wont work. You will need to get a different variety of vine. I believe that the common blue p_caerulea will do the trick. P_caerulea also have a awesome fragrance as well.

You might want to get a pollinator this year (if you are starting from seed or a very small vine) or get a larger one in the spring so it will be flowering when the other one is, next spring.

It would be helpful to see a photo of the wild passiflora you have growing in order to id it, but a common one that grows throughout the US is p_incarnata. They are easier to start from seed than a lot of the others.

Hmm, I think those incarnata should pollinate yellow p_edulis passionfruit,...does anyone know for sure?

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P. edulis seedlings often take 2-3 years before they will flower and fruit. The purple fruited varieties have been selected for self-fertility, but seedlings may or may-not be self-fertile, particularly if they are from hybrids of the purple and yellow forms.

Incarnata will usually flower very quickly from seed the same year, so you can collect some fruits this fall, and get seeds for next spring. Store them in slightly moist potting soil in the refrigerator until late winter, and they should germinate very quickly as soon as you move them to room temp.

All hybrids between edulis and incarnata that I have seen listed, had incarnata as the seed parent, so the cross may only work in one direction. However, incarnata are so variable, you never know if it can pollinate the other way until you try it.

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Well, I've been completely bitten by the passiflora bug. I just purchased a P. Caerulea, a P. Edulis (don't know if it's the yellow or purple fruited kind yet), and (hot dog) was able to find a legal place to dig wild passiflora. There were no viable flowers on the wild passis as the japanese beetles were feasting, but there were some pretty big fruits (I opened one, and it did have small white seeds inside). Should I wait until some of the flower buds open to post a pic?

I'm going to plant the wild passi in the ground and let it go wild on the fence in the back. The other two, I will plant in large containers and bring them in the winter, along with a banana tree. Thanks for the tips.


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Whoops, I got that backwards. The P. edulis always seems to be the seed parent in crosses with other species, not the other way around. So, incarnata should pollinate the yellow edulis, but the purple edulis would probably work best. I read somewhere that purple edulis will pollinate the flavicarpa better than another flavicarpa.

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That thoroughly gave me a confused look... LOL I'm not going to get into the whole polliniting thing just yet, as I'm mainly looking for the flowers. If we get some fruit this year, I'll hold back the seeds until spring just to see what I can get to happen. Thanks for the info though.

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