New robellini browning

bshirkMarch 18, 2014

I have read alot of posts about this subject and it seems like numerous factors could cause browning. Im a little confused about what issue may apply to my situation. I want to get it taken care of before any irreversible damage occurs.
About a month ago I purchased a robellini from Home Depot. My "soil" in my yard is almost 100% sand so I purchased a miracle grow soil for in ground plants and mixed in about 40% with my existing sand. I planted it in a spot where it gets alot of sun, like the info on the plant said to. The younger fronds have started to take on a bronzish hue. None of them have died completely or fallen off. Could this be caused by a fungal issue. I also am worried that something in the miracle grow soil may be causing damage too.

Please help!

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If it had been kept in shade previously the sudden move out into full sun could be the problem. They need to be hardened up gradually. Also overhead watering if your in a cooler climate. That does promote crown rot, and that results in spear pull.Check if the newer fronds will come out with a gentle pull.

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