Weather (with a smile)...

mastiffhoo(7)March 30, 2010

Compared to last year (temperature wise), this year has so far been much better. Do most of you remember how long it seemed for spring to get here last year?

The forecast here for Lynchburg, Va looks pretty good -

next several days highs are forecasted for:

72, 84, 84, 85, 80, & 79

I'm lovin it, and hope my palms do too!

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Last March was a little fickle started COLD warmed up nicely and finished cold(lasting into April)but this one has warmed up slowly and steadily until this week when the big warmth hits.
The nice thing is,it's staying consistent and above avg-

I don't think I have ever planted a banana in March before or had my stuff uncovered so early.
This spring has been nice and looks to stay that way,all the way out the next 15 days +.
Nice reward after such a long cold winter!(-:

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Im actually pretty disappointed with this warm-up comming. So far the warmest temp in the forecast is Friday and thats only 71F. If you go just a little to my south high 70s and low 80s suddenly pop up in the forecast. But I guess its good not to rush the heat yet. When we got to 76F last week a lot of my plants burned. Still some 80s would do a great job drying everything up from this rain storm. Lowest day time temp in my forecast is about 60, the highest 71. Lowest temp in my forcast is 42, but most of the nights are in the upper 40s and low 50s (some approaching the mid 50s). Looks like my last frost has passed (hopefully). I still look out for them for a few weeks because you never know!

Good luck!

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