Kansas City, Linda Hall Library - Peony Week (Tour)

houdiniiApril 28, 2009

I just noticed my tree peony bud is showing some flower color today. I hadn't looked at it the last couple days because of the rainy weather. Last year they bloomed around Mid-May, so maybe it will be a little earlier this year.

Anyway, the tree peonies must be starting to bloom in this area because the Linda Hall Library has tours provided by the groundskeeper and Heartland Peony Society members starting Wednesday, Apr 29th. I've never checked out the peonies there, so maybe I will take it in this year. lindahall.org has this listed as an event on their website with tour times/dates available.

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If it is in bloom be certain to check out the one called "Old Man with Long White Hair". It is toward the North end of the plantings. The plant probably is not what it is named but as the petals age they start appearing as long wavey hair.

I tried for a graft last year and it did not take. Scott and his crew are cutting the plants shorter than I like them but they all seemed to look good when I was there earlier this month.

If you can go. They have several seedlings that really should be on the market.

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The tree peonies are advanced for this time of year. Additional tour times are May 2 & 3. See the Linda Hall listing for May events.

One interesting thing you will see is on some plants there will be a branch or two taller than the rest of the plant. This represents what remains after the Easter freeze of two years ago. You can also see the rejuvination of the plants from the ground.

The tree peonies have been being hit from squirrels the last number of years cutting off foliage, buds, and full flowers. You can see laying at the foot of several trees nice flowers that the squirrels have harvested. This behavior apparently started only a couple of years ago and they are experimenting with deterents. However at the back of one of the beds is a plant labeled as one of Don Hollingsworths plants that shows very artisticly how the squirrels have pruned that particular plant. It will also give you ideas on pruning for a particular style.

Lots of rain but interesting on how the plants and flowers stood up to the rain.

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