can I save this tree peony?

annebert(6b/7a MD)April 1, 2010

Most of the stem was broken off by the winter storm. There is at least one good bud remaining and I planted the graft union deep - so I think the original plant will survive.

My question is whether I can save the top growth. I brought it inside and stuck it in water because I was leaving on a trip. Now it has leafed out. I'm guessing I can't root it, since that's why they're grafted onto another rootstock to start with. Any ideas about top grafting (now that I've let it break dormancy)?

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You can try making a new cut on the bottom, removing the leaves, dipping in rooting compound, then make a hole is some damp sand and placing the cuttin in it. If there are several buds on the stem you could try to make several cuttings from the one stem. Rooting tree peony cuttings used to be common but has fallen out of favor.

To increase the moisture you should cover with plastic wrap held up with a few sticks so that the wrap does not touch your cuttings. Good luck getting several to root for you.

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