root zone of canary island date palm?

greenleaf_organic(8, TX)March 27, 2010

Hi, does anyone out there know how wide the root zone of a canary island date palm is? I may or may not have room for one based on the answer to this question. For example, how close can you plant one of these beauties to a fig tree or a grapefruit tree? (I have heard that palm roots in general go mostly downward)


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Im not sure, but come to think of it, I rarely see large trees growing near date palms. Not sure if its a coincidece, or if the roots are too large for other plants to grow near by. I dont think a fig tree should have a problem because they arent very large trees, but a grape fruit might.

Good luck!

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joey_powell(8b (15.1F) USDA 2012)

I just got two of these, each at about 10-11 feet tall. The root balls were surprisingly small. The holes I dug were only about 25" deep and about 3.5' feet accross. The root balls were probably about 30"-36" accross.

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