Kirinmaru Peony

jennifergibbons(7)April 24, 2008


I am wondering if I can take my NEW Kirinmaru Peony shrubs and maintain them as Houseplants. they do not get very big from what I am told. I am wondering if they will flower if in a sunny location inside my home? any information/advice is WELCOMED!!

Thanks so much everyone!

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All peonies need cool weather dormancy. By puting them in your house you deprive them of the cold that is needed to form blooms. In China tree peonies are sold as houseplants for the New Years celebrations but are discarded after blooming.

I am courious what is your source?

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Hi maifleur, thanks for the info, I was hoping that they wouldnt have to dieback but I guess Ill just find a nice spot outside for them. I was dissapointed that they are only going to be 36" tall. Glad I only bought two!

By source, do you mean where did I get them? I bought them from Spring Hill Nursery....way too expensive ($50.00) but I LOVED the bicolor of white and raspberry... so I went for them. Needless to say, when they arrived, they were well...... TINY is not the word for them, and the root looked half dead. One is now THRIVING beautifully where the other is half the size and struggling. I put them in oversized pots to keep a closer eye on them...........i dont know..........dissapointing thus far....maybe they are just acclimating. Fingers crossed they will do well, they have the potential to be breathtaking peonies!!!

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How are they doing now? I'm thinking about getting one.

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