hummingbird_2002(5 WA east)July 17, 2006

My plant is covered with hundreds of fruits. If I cut them off will my plant continue to bloom? I would rather have the blooms than the fruit. If anyone can answer this I would appreciate it very much. Hummingbird

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jblaschke(8b TX)

Your passion vine will continue to bloom regardless of whether or not you remove the fruit. If you've got an edible species, you can tell the fruit's fully ripened by waiting for it to drop, then gathering them.

If you just want blooms without fruit, you might look into a hybrid, such as Incense. They're cold tolerant and rarely fruit, even when hand pollinated and have very showy flowers.

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hummingbird_2002(5 WA east)

I don't know if the plant is an edible species or not, How do you eat the fruit once they drop from the vine? Are they difficult to prepare to eat. Thanks, Hummingbird

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