Wacky weather continues...

subtropixMarch 13, 2010

Okay, so two weeks ago we had our two foot paralyzing snowstorm, then a spell of days in the 60's under crystal blue skies, now the current weekends megastorm. Winds across coastal Long Island and Jersey shore may be gusting to over 65 mph., about 55 mph or better across a vast chunk of the NYC/NJ Metro area and beyond. Expecting maybe four inches of rain if not more, rivers and streams already full from melt off from the last snowstorm. Have a lot of plants already out (large Queen palms, Canaries, Butias, Cycads, Med fans, Washingtonias, Orleanders, and the Citrus. Most are in large tubs so they won't be going any place. Just went out to put a large Araucaria in the garage and put a few big bricks on one of the smaller Queens. At least they are getting a good watering. Looks like nice weather in the extended back into the 60's with sun. I just wonder when our steroid-charged storms are going to back off--this is really getting ridiculous!!

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Yeah, some unreal wind last night here at the shore, and gusting pretty intense now. I'm amazed there aren't trees down all over. My windmill is just getting buffetted. Went down to the beach the other morning and saw erosion by the inlet I've never noticed before. Very tough Winter. But yes, next week, temps are forecasted into the mid and upper 60s

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My windmills are on the south side of the house so they are protected from the wind by the house to some extend. Across the street from me there is a forested area that is regularly flooded. Behind me, there's another forest area that is regularly flooded. My house is build on a relatively high foundation so not really worried about flooding. Biggest concern is in the back for falling trees as they are in standing water at this point. This storm remains me of a hurricane. Surprised by the wind speeds as I am not that close to the immediate coast. Batten down!

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The wind here has been really brutal. I put my spanish moss on my tree, and surprisingly it is still on my tree, but it is a tangled mess right now. I cant even untangle it without it breaking so I will have to wait until it dries out before I can fix it. All my palms are uncovered so this is the first rainfall they have seen since october since I always protected it from moisture from November - late february. Its nice to see my pindo palm's fronds swaying in the wind. I have my queen palm outside and an a little nervous because there leaves are very brittle when they come outside from a winter indoors.
Right now there is just sheets of rain coming down. Not sure what the airport delays are like, but there are downdrafts which are winds that go downward almost vertically.

Good luck everyone!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Guys,

Good Luck with that crazy weather!!! " Batten Down the Hatches" is right!!!

The skies here in VB are mostly cloudy...looks like the end of the storm for us is near...lucky for us the wind is more to the north...had the rain but not the large rain totals that were projected for our area.

Good Luck and stay dry!!

Laura in VB

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You guys have had your unfair share,that's for sure.

It will probably transfer(after a small break)into hurricane season

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I think that the title should change from wacky weather to dangerous weather. Gusts have probably exceeded 60 mph by me and even some light damage to homes have occurred (like small pieces of wood, but mostly plastic things like pieces of gutters. The power has gone out by me and there are some sparks by the power lines. And its LOUD out there too! I think we have had 2.5 inches so far. It kind of hurricane like out there. Not a day to be outside thats for sure.

Wish everyone luck with the storm!

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Just got back from running a few errands, and noticed about a 15 ft length of gutter on the ground. Gusting now to hurricane strength. Passed by a home less than a mile away decorated with a large maple. Didn't seem to be much damage, but...Afraid to go out and look at my trachy. In a protected corner, but the wind is swirling everywhere, so no spot is immune. Just remarkable.

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bill_ri_z6b(Zone 6B)

We're supposed to get what you have now later tonight into tomorrow morning. What a way to start daylight savings time! Last week I did a really nice cleanup in the yard. Trimmed off dead bits here and there, cut down last years dried perennial stalks, etc. weeded some perennial weeds and raked up and swept up. I can only imagine what it will look like tomorrow night!

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Now theres lighting, I think this might be the first thunderstorm of the year. Most people in my area have no lights, or only half there lights (I have half my lights, but at least the computers working:) ). Its now been almost 2-3 hours with no light. The spanish moss is still hanging on last I checked though. Quite a few trees down also. My table in my yard has moved about 10-15 feet because of the high winds. I am surprised at how well all my plants are doing outside, a lot fell over, but not too much damage to them.
Good luck!

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butiaman(8a Douglasville,GA.)

We dident get alot of wind,but rain and thunder for three days.We got 4" of rain in one day,my flowerbeds are all under about 2" of water,the soil cant soak up anymore water.Today has been pretty good, sunny and 55* with scattered thunder storms,with wind gust today at times.Tommorow guess what, scattered thunder storms with a high of 51*.The forcast for Monday through Thursday is mon. and tues.Sunny and highs 55* to 60*,wed.through fri. rain and highs near 60*.For the last 2 months it rains more than days it dont rain,all the rivers,creeks and streams are overflowing.The water finally soaked into the ground today in my flowerbeds,after the fourth day of rain.The sun peaked out for a while today and helped my beds soak up all that water.We havent had that much wind,we got the rain part.Good luck everyone

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I still have only half my power from this storm. The winds have calmed down for now, but there is still the occasional flash of lightning. This was/is a very strong storm which will continue until monday. Also the room where I have my coconut palm and various other plants is basically an attached room with its own heating system, but that part of the house has no power so it is no almost the same temperature in there as it is outside (56F inside there, low 50s outside). No really bad flooding locally, but we did get at least 2.5 inches of rain with more on the way. Right now its not doing too much out there, but it was raining heavily just a few minutes ago.
Good luck with the storm!

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Here in staten island we got it the worst tons of trees are down blocking roads, my phone, internet, and cable have been down for 24 hours and my power was out for 6. Tons of collapsed roofs, missing siding, and flooded basements. I live 3 blocks from the ocean but ocean front homes have smashed windows flooded yards and sand on the road. i will post pictures of some boats that were in a park. I'm lucky to have received no damage.

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Yep, you were very lucky you didnt get any structual damage. I only have 1/2 power by me, but the only damage on my property was a piece of a window sill flew away (easily attached back on though), and the table in my backyard (which must weigh 50 pounds) has blown across the deck about 10 feet and my potted sago palm is actually wedged underneath (but no damage to the plant). Also like I said, lots of pots have fallen down and some even rolled around a little. I have also seen some damaged roofs and blown off sidings in the negihborhood, and lots of trees down, many are decades old. Many power cables are completely blown off, and all the powerlines directly along the shore are slanted, or compleltly down. I think the coastal areas got the worst of this storm from the wind. Gusts at JFK were at 75 mph, and I think they were a little bit stronger by me, and probably also stronger in many parts of sothern long island and staten island also. Lots of flooded roads too. The storm would have probably caused much more damage if there were leaves on the trees.

I hope you get the chance to post some pics. Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

The storm hit hurricane force in some gust at ground level. A lot of frightened residents living by the beaches and suburbs were caught off guard by the extent of the wind. On Long Island my parents house had roof shingle blown off with lots of other damage you would expect in a cat 1 hurricane.

Good news, palms are built well for rain storms and wind! This may have helped my uncovered palms by soaking the ground with 5 inches of rain. I kept them dry during the winter so this may trigger new growth.

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Well, this strange weather continues to rage on!!

I lost my Arbor, my vines, my trees, and my lawn, all due to floods and winds in excess of 70 miles an hour!

It is still raining with winds gusts of 45, and we have already had 8 inches of rain..Most communities in my area are flooded, and the kids get to stay home again!

All my plunerias got knocked over in my greehouse, and some split in half..

Actually my palms are having a good time out there in the fresh rain though, behind my house, out of the wind..

Good luck everyone, and only one more day, and I think the Bermuda High is going to make it's presence known for the first time since....hummmm? 50's and 60's all week after today..We'll see..


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Ouch, thats pretty bad meyermike!
I got a really good look in my neighborhood, and there are countless down trees. Some trees in the forests have all been pushed down like dominos in the direction of the wind. And lots of street signs are completely down too. But Im hoping that this weather coming will make up for all that. There are plenty of 60s in my forecast for this week with ample sunshine. No frosts or freezes at night expected (actually it hasn't gone below 30F all month, knock on wood).
Good luck everyone, looks like a great week ahead once this storm moves out of the way!

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boats that were thrown into a park

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Wow, that takes some pretty strong winds. Thanks for posting!

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Sorry, I meant to say....
Wow, that takes some pretty strong waves. Thanks for posting!

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franktank232(z5 WI)

I've had 3 days straight of 66F,66F,61F and sunshine, two more coming... The greenhouse i keep the palms in was 103F today with the doors open (not good!). I've added more water in there to temper the heat some and raise overnight temps.

This weather is great, if you can stay away from the clouds in MN/Iowa... Another snow storm seems to be coming this weekend, so our little "summer" is going to end very soon. Tons of yard work done, biking, strolling the park, etc...

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I still only have half my power from the storm during the weekend, so its been about 3 days. At least all the important appliances have power. I cleaned up the backyard today from the storm and it is al pretty much back to normal. The weather is great here now, we got in the 60s, and we will approach the 70s! I have a few plants outside, but none of the heavy ones, just incase I have to drag it back in for another frost.
All the tulips are coming up around the area and there are buds on the daffodils. My camellia buds are getting big now too so it wont be long before those bloom, also my chives are up, and pollen is definitely filling the air. Spring really is pretty much here over here, still might be a light frost or freeze (can never rule them out this time of the year), but Im all ready to send my plants outside for the summer.

Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

HI TZ, Glad you survived the storm.
How does a home have half power?

Where's Jimhardy, he must be out celebrating the nice weather:)))

The mid 60s for March in a run of days. My palms are loving it! Oddly Florida is not that much warmer; the same for much of the south. Usually if we (northerners) hit 60 in March, they (south) are in the mid 80s at this time of year. Odd.

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I really have no idea how a home can have half power. This is the first time i have ever had it. At first i thought maybe a wire leading to my house caused the half power outage, but everyone on my block only has only half there power also. Its very weird, and annoying and there is still no power as of Wed afternoon. They have restored power in a good part of the area, but not here yet.
This weather is feeling really nice and I feel very bad for florida. They are still only in the 60s and 70s. Some of there high temperatures match mine (especially in northern florida). They got a very very hard winter and it looks like spring is not in a rush to warm it them up either.

Good luck and enjoy the nice weather while it lasts!

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I now have full power again! I think the reason why I and my neighbors only had half our houses with power was that only 1 of the several wires on the power line short circuited.

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Okay, finally got the power back on. Lost power and phones on Saturday and just got it back. I have massive trees on my block that are out of the ground (some on top of homes down the block. We must have had near hurricane force winds from Saturday early afternoon to around midnight. I was afraid I would lose the roof and could feel the house shifting. The other issue of course is rivers that are running over their banks into homes, local business, etc.. This was definitely one of the worst storms I can remember. Up there with the infamous Christmas and Halloween noresters (forgot the years for these but not the winds). On a positive side, right after the "norecane", I planted my Butia capitata. Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

I think you're right, half power is when one line is out. Glad you all have power back. It feels better to have life back to "normal".

It seems early to declare temps in the 20s over, but the NYC area can't even dip past 38* on the coldest night predicted next week and then another temp rebound into the 50s.

They say the next 3 days will feature temps topping the low 70s. Amazing even if its mid to late March, but welcomed.

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You know whats really interesting? Its 67F in my backyard right now, and its also 67 in MIAMI FLORIDA! I can understand having the same temperatures as miami in the summer, but not in late winter! Forecast is calling for 70s for the next 3 days and lots of sun. it actually feels warm out there and definitely short sleeve weather. Monday gets cold, 39 for a low (might take in some plants just in case, especially since it was previously forecasted to be at 35), but it will rebound to the 50s, maybe low 60s, but next week looks much closer to average (mid 50s). Last year I didnt even think about keeping my plants outside this time of the year, but this year I have quite a few of them outside day and night and they seem to really be enjoying it!

Good luck and enjoy the warm weather (which is dominating a majority of the country)

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Will these storms ever quit! Now, just a few short weeks after a massive two-foot blizzard, then a virtual hurricane of relentless duration, now they're calling for up to a half foot of rain in the next couple of days. Rivers are still overflowing and homes are still flooded out from the last round. Expecting an early April heatwave after the next flood. Unbelievable!

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Yeah this weather is definitely crazy. A few rumbles of thunder tonight, and the rain is heavy on and off. The weather is just so unpredicable this year. Last weekend it got down to 30F and I had to take in almost all my plants, Today and tomorrow its going to rain, and then later this week it will be very sunny, and warm! There are still trees down from the last storm that havent been taken away yet, and the ground is pretty wet (at least there arent any major rivers near by) But at least overall the warmth is dominating over the cold. I really hope there are no more frost because I plan on taking my plants out for this warmer weather coming.

Good luck!

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