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mark4321_gwAugust 9, 2009

I was at Strybing Arboretum in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco today for their monthly sale and I took a couple quick pictures. There is far more than this to see.

I always park on the North side of the Arboretum. If you park up there, when you get out of your car you notice Tacsonias everywhere, covering trees and in some cases it's not clear what they are covering:

If you go inside and know what you are looking for, you can find a tree that's a home to Passiflora parritae. (Maybe Eric or someone can give directions to find the P. parritae--I know where to go, but I have trouble describing it.)

The flowers are impressive up close--they really can't be described.

Perhaps more people would grow P. parritae if it weren't so messy:

If you've managed to find P. parritae at Strybing you can also find P. 'Mission Dolores' (P. parritae x antioquiensis) in the tree next to it:

The flowers look like they are floating because they are hanging from long peduncles. If you look at the open flower below, follow the peduncle up to get an idea of its length. The flower is 6 inches or so across do give you an idea of the scale. I just now noticed that the flower is falling apart and is on its way out.

Passiflora membranacea eats trees, which reminds me that I need to prune mine. Sorry I didn't get a good flower picture, although it is in bloom.

And there are many other Passiflora not pictured here.

Passiflora are of course only a minor part of the plants they grow. Here are a couple more that looked great today.

Bomarea (I don't know the species or hybrid):

Fuchsia boliviana Alba. I understand they sell the fruit in markets in South America to eat. People also grow it for the flowers:

Actually, it's possible everything I've pictured has edible fruit, or in the case of at least some Bomareas, tubers. Does anyone know otherwise?

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Hey... this is a Passiflora forum! What are the Bomarea and Fuchsia doing there? I think you just had too much fun today with your new camera! Cut it out...

For those who don't know me... obviously I'm kidding...

Nice pictures. Not everyone has the luxury to go to Strybing anytime they feel like it, and you are bringing it to them. Very nice. Now you make me wish I brought my camera, too...


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Randy those are absolutely spectacular. I've seen the P. parritea "tree" but not the others. I sure wouldn't mind that kind of mess if they'd grow in my zone. I never bothered to look for any of those and I haven't been there in quite some time. Some, at least, were probably there but I had no interest in passies back then, my loss. Thanks for posting them. BTW how big is that Fuchsia boliviana Alba bush?

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Fuchsia boliviana, both the red and Alba forms (more of the latter) are planted all over the park. I must have seen 10 different F.boliviviana Albas, some of which were well over 10 feet tall. So I would think they must have 20 or so plants total, if one knew where to look. I'll send you more photos.

It occurred to me that most people, including most locals, would have no idea where to find the Passiflora in the arboretum. I don't know of a map, but I would be interested if one does in fact exist. Once you are at the Arboretum, I think you would find it very difficult or impossible to ask around and find the P. parritae. I only saw it the first time a month ago.

So here's a map, with the approximate location of the P. parriate and P. 'Mission Dolores'indicated by the circle. If this isn't quite right, please correct me. If someone can narrow it down better that would also be great.

We can't go back and edit the text of these posts, but we can change things in photobucket. So once a couple days pass, the map should be correct for sure:

You'll notice that at the bottom of the map it mentions the plant sales. The monthly ones are very quiet and some of the real pros are around to answer your questions. Yesterday they had a 1 gallon P. antioquiensis and a 1 gallon P. membranacea for $15, both of which didn't move when I was there. And there were many others. Sales are from 10:00 A.M. to 1:00 P.M. They are most months, but not May, when they have a big sale, and I'm not sure about December and January. They have tons of stuff other than Passiflora, of course, (almost) all at unbelievable prices.

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rosepedal(Four seasons zone4/5)

Thank you for the pics Mark and the tutorial.... please post more if you have more...Eric Lol Loovveedd them all..:)

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