Elephant garlic turning green

slowpoke_gardenerJune 24, 2013

I went to check on the garlic and onions I have hanging under the sheet iron roof, some are turning green. Is this a sign I harvested at the wrong time? The soil has been wet most of the year and we had another rain in the forecast. They had not really died back as they should have.

Do I need to freeze these or is somewhat normal?

Thanks, Larry

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Larry I see that on some almost every year and don't worry about it. I've blamed it some on leaving them too long till they split and then at times felt that the light when hanging when split might be the culprit. I usually only see it on cloves that have split open. I have planted them and they do fine. Jay

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Thanks, Jay. These are hanging on the north end of my "lean-to" type of shed. There is a 6' door on each end, they get light but not sun.

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