Large windmill palms in Montreal March 15,2010

coconutmike(5b)March 20, 2010

Montreal palm trees - 6 years of experiments +22 years in Landscape Design- this is a great success story and a great hobby. Visit most recent photo gallery to see my large windmill palm and other small palms and bananas that pulled through the winter again. Go see that Montreal plant.

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Wow, very nice. great job, that thing is HUGE! I cant wait until mine reaches that size! Has it ever flowered for you? It definitely looks tall enough and healthy enough to.

Good luck and thanks for sharing!

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Hey tropicalzone7. Yes the windmill did flower last year quite late actually. I guess because the winter is so darn cold.
Thanks for the encouragement

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Your welcome!
I figured that such a mature plant would of flowered by now and Im happy to hear it did for you. Good luck!

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Forgive me if I missed it, but where is the link, or where can I look to see what is being discussed? Thanks!

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Very nice palm, especially for Quebec! How long have you had it in the ground? How tall was it when you planted it?

Mnpalms, click on the photo galleries link at the top of the page, then click on garden galleries. On the right hand side of the screen, click on the dark green box that says most recent. You will see thumbnails of the palm, click on them.

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hey guys coconutmike and his montrealplants back again. To answer your question palm had 4 feet trunk when I got it and has 6ft trunk now. Had it inside one year grew slowly but flowered before I put it in. Then I planted it near a pool for a year then moved it to where it is now second year had some shock with transplant bounced back. I do not know how to post pics here, so I put them last time on recent gallery page. Palms are getting quite popular in Montreal now check out montreal palms-plants or landscaping google search- thanks and lets keep pushing the limits . great hobby isn't it. coconutmike

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hi Mike,

I saw you had other palms as well. Excellent location for that palm. It get some ground warmth from your basement and also warmth and shelter from the home and a great corner spot for a micro-climate. How cold was your winter this year?

You inspire me that if you can accomplish that in Montreal, I am looking forward to growing a butia pindo outside in Brooklyn, NY. Summers are pretty strong and can be dry here. The butia pindo palm likes that - some heat and dry but not too much.

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I think you can definitely grow a butia outside. I live in a really similar climate to you and mine went to 23F in its protection and it saw no damage. There also seem to be quite a few healthy ones on staten island, so I say go for it, especially since you did a great job with your windmill palm. Pindo palms seem to be getting more popular for northern palm growers.
Coconut mike is right... Growing plants like these is a great hobby. Its all about testing plants to there limit, and Im glad that so many people give it a try in northern climates.

Good luck everyone, we are now 1/2 a week into spring!

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HEY BROOKLYNGREG i grew a pindo in montreal this year. 100 palms outside view some pics at youtube -march palms and montreal palms

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Wow, you got a LOT of palms!!! Congratulations on your success with them. We have a lot of proof that shows that with some TLC, palms can grow in very cold climates, even if you have to protect them from the worst of winter's wrath, its really worth it to me. I get to see my palms for a full 10 months out of the year and protect them on and off for about 2 months. Not very bad considering that most people really have absolutely no idea any palm can survive past the 30s, let alone a zone 7 or colder!

Good luck!

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hey Mike, that's an impressive accomplishment(and song lol) for zone 5A and I really like ALL THOSE palms.

What heating source do you use if any, for so many palms? That Pindo looks good too - did you give it a heating source?

I bet planting along the house's warm side adds a zone and covering them so well must add another. That takes you to zone 7. They all pulled thru so well. Was your winter average?

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Hey Brooklyngreg + tropicalzone 7 -thanks for checking out my pics on youtube or my sites its a fun hobby. Brooklyn-My pindo was actually near a fence far from foundation. I tried a heating cable but it died on me in January. I think we saw -29 C but we were mostly warmer than usual this year and less snow. My chamaerops humilis pulled through also and was on the same heat cable that died and far from foundation-fluke- maybe but it was wrapped up pretty good.
ciao for now --coconutmike

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