The growing season has begun (pics)

andyandy(6bMI)March 4, 2013

May have been 25 out but it was sunny. The front if my house faces south so if sunny I can open up my front door and let the sun come through the storm door. I have seen active growth in the past week or two. One of my bottle palms had it's newest frond start to fan out and pop up a new spear. I fertilzed them all last week for the first time since August.


butia and bottles

two shots of my coconut


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Not sure whi pics did not come through, lets try this again




butia and bottles

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They look great Andy-usually about mid to late Feb here(depending on outside temps)
I start to see significant growth on indoor stuff-last week when
it was 47ish outside and mid 70s inside even my Madagascar palm started growing!

Thursday is the big day to let some outdoor palms loose!

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Good luck with that and thank you for the kind words. I need some advice. I have a potted Sabal Minor i am going to put in the ground this spring. my front porch faces south and is back from the house. it I have a spot where plants can go in and it is blocked on either side by the kitchen window on one side and the garage on the other. it is therefore always 10-20 degrees warmer when the sun is out then the actual temperate on my front porch (it could be sunny and 50 and I'd have no problem setting any of my palms out on my front porch mid afternoon). I have a few questions.1) Do I run the risk of it being in too hot a spot in the summer if it when 90s, 2) If not what is the best soil I can use to fill in the spot where I will put it in, and 3) what would be the best weather conditions to put it in the ground once the threat off a frost or freeze is over?

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I think it will enjoy the heat-just make sure it gets lots of water while it's warm out-it will love it!

Make sure the soil temp is at least in the 50s and don't water it to much until it warms up even more but water it in good after planting...

As far as the soil,I think anything that drains well-they are not to picky that I know of.

My little McCurtain(it is small)was still alive with only a cover
and no heat this winter-last time I checked-I will find out more Thurs!

I think your palm would benefit from being placed outside when temps allow-
that way it will adjust to the light there and the roots will adjust to cooler night temps so it isn't shocked being planted-I think I stuck
my McCurtain in the ground in early March but that was kinds stupid(-:

Best of luck!

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Thank you, Maybe I can put it in the ground in April if we have a warm stretch in the 70s. i can't wait for it to warm up.

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Thursday is the day for my Sabals,Needles and biggest Trachys!

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Everything is looking good! I've noticed a lot of nice growth starting indoors also now! My gingers are 5 feet tall already and my potted gardenias started blooming. The coconut palms are quickly making new fronds and my bougainvillea put out ridiculous growth this year indoors (some of the branches grew 6 feet indoors!).
Not a bad indoor growing season this year, hopefully the outdoor growing season will be just as nice!

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Good to hear, it's nice to be able to bring the growing season indoors. I'm a gardner also and for the first time I brought potted hot pepper plants in for the winther. i never knew you could do that. I just planted some bean, pea, tomato, and pepper seeds also. Good luck to us all this year.

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You guys just reminded me I need to bring my Ginger root up from the basement and see if it's still alive!

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I saw possibly mid 50s and rain Sunday. May take everything out for bath and a drink. Even if just for an hour or so.

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