Looks like they survived.

timhensley_gwApril 2, 2014

I purchased some peony species last summer and I have been anxious to see if they survived. So far i have seen buds breaking ground on all three. They are P. peregrina, P. tenuifolia ssp. lithophila and P. mascula ssp triternata. I doubt any of them will bloom this season because they were kind of small but i couldn't pass them up.

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Nancy zone 6

I swapped for a lot of peonies last fall & was anxious to see if they made it. A couple I was very worried about because they had heaved out of the soil. One apparently is a later one & is coming up nicely now. The other one the large root seems dead, but a small root that I didn't think had any eyes & just planted to see if it would do anything is shooting up. Might take it a couple of years to bloom, but I'm happy it survived.

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pembroke(6--Louisville KY)

It looks like all of mine survived too. I just wished I could say the same for my roses. We'll just wait and see on them. Pembroke

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So far I think all my peonies survived but some of them look like they had been damaged by wet conditions. The number of eyes have declined. My Amailia Olson and Petite Elegance are the hardest hit. I had 4 eyes last year for each peony. So far I have seen only two pips from the ground for each of them. There are about 10 others showing the same decline. I just hope they recover.

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