What varieties should I pick?

JasyanAugust 2, 2013


I'm currently growing p. ligularis, p. edulis 'black' and p. edulis 'Panama'. I want to grow a few other varieties from seed but I'm not sure which ones to go with.

The six I've narrowed it down to are: p. alata, p. maliformis, p. mollissima, p. caerulea, p. x decaisneana (p. alata ÃÂ quadrangularis), and p. incarnata.

I'm growing them mainly for the quality of their fruit. Does anyone have any opinions on growing/tasting them?

I live in Brisbane, Australia, which is the equivalent of your zone 10.

I also plan on growing p. amethystina for my mum. I don't plan on growing that one for the fruit, however, just the flowers. Anyone have any experience with it?

I'm buying them from this seller http://stores.ebay.com.au/australianaplantsseed , so if you see a passiflora they're selling that isn't on my list, but that you'd recommend, please let me know! :)

Thank you in advance!

*Edit: oops, I meant to write that I have 'Pandora', not 'Panama'.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

I wouldn't go with the p. caerulea or p. incarnata. From, what I have read many times online, is that the p. caerulea is very invasive and will sucker like crazy, same with the p. incarnata. Those two are often use in your country as rootstock for it's cold hardiness, but have been reported to sucker out of control, if not carefully watch. They will grow from under the graft and if you don't pay attention, you'll be only left with the rootstock of invasive vine with untasty fruit, rather than your grafted plant. I haven't tasted any of the two mention, but from pictures and other's who grew them, said there isn't much pulp to go around, most time it's only an empty sack with a few seeds(p. caerulea) It's very similar to your guys native green passion fruit with the pink or white flowers. P. incarnata isn't anything to rave about either. But some people do like them, they are said to be a little sweet, but nothing like the superior varieties developed over there. If, I were you, I would stick to growing panama red, panama gold, african gold, pandora, misty gem, or some other sweet varieties. Look at the link below to see some of Australia's commercially grown varieties and their description, including their brix/sweetness, disease resistance. Oh btw, Nely Kellie nursery in Australia uses either p. incaranta or was it p. caerulea as rootstock for their grafted passiflora plants. Read some review on Nelly Kellies review on Dalysfruit.com forum, and you see what I mean to steer clear of p. incarnata and caerulea. But if you still want to grow the p. incarnata and caerulea, for their beautiful flowers, it's fine, just keep them under control and watch for it's invasive behavior of suckering every where.

Edit: of course, I could be completely wrong about those two's characteristic. But I do know for sure they do sucker like crazy, in warmer climates. P. caerulea/maypops, is native to the colder US states and grows wild, mainly in the eastern part of the USA.

Here is a link that might be useful: Australian commerical vareities

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Thanks soaht for the advice!

I've taken both p. caerulea and p. incarnata off my list, yet somehow, my list has grown dramatically...

P. alata
P. maliformis
P. mollissima
P. x decaisneana (p. alata ÃÂ quadrangularis)
P. edulis v. flavicarpa
P. edulis ssp. 'Pink Cheek'
P. edulis 'Panama Red'
P. edulis 'Panama Gold'
P. edulis 'Purple Giant'

Why do there have to be so many awesome choices? I'm gonna need a bigger mini-greenhouse. Maybe a three tiered one...

I was only planning on getting three varieties, but I may need to buy more.

If anyone else has any experience with any of the passiflora listed, please let me know!


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soaht(Central CA 9B)

I'll ask my friend Mike on the troicalfruitforum.com, to give you some advice, on which is the best tasting passion fruit, out of your list. He's tasted quite a few variety, btw, he's also from Australia. I'll link your post, to see if he can help you decide which is worth the space and which, is just a no go. Hang tight, till he respond to you, I don't think he has an account on this forum, so he will have to make one, again hang tight.

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I'll check out tropicalfruitforum.com and wait for Mike's reply. I really appreciate it.

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soaht(Central CA 9B)

He did reply back to me on the other mention forum. This is what he said, copy and pasted from my email for you. But feel free to check that other site out, it's mainly for anything tropical fruit related. But copy and pasted, this is what he said:

the list was a bit hazy and I'll give some general advice.For the subtropics P.ligularis and any of the P.edulis that was on the report I posted but not norfolk or pink cheeks which are not quite as sweet.Misty gem is best and the others in that report are very good also.None of the other listed species are as good for the subtropics.For the tropics only P.nitida and the P.edulis flavicarpa types panama gold,Panama yellow,african yellow and panama red.The rest are just not as good.I had better get some seeds to you soon.
P.alata x quadrangularis is ok but still not as good.


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Thanks again soaht.

I've posted on that other website, tropicalfruitforum.com, asking if anyone there has any good p. edulis type seeds available that they could send to me.

I hope I hear something back soon.

Thank you for the help!

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