Bismark Palm germination

larrm(6b)March 17, 2011

As the root system is very brittle once germinated and this palm does not do well when transplanted has anyone tried germinating in peat pots and then planting peat pot with germinated Bismark palm into a larger container? There should be less root disturbance than germinating in a plastic bag or tupperware container and having to transplant germinated seed. I feel it would be easier controlling heat and humidity in a smaller container than germinating in a large pot at the get go as some growers recommend.

My seeds once they hopefully germinate will be for indoor planting, and moved outdoors in summer months. Hopefully moving them outdoors will not harm them as they are such touchy palms as to disturbance.

Thanks for any and all replies

Larrm (Palm Lover in Ontario Canada)

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sounds like a good idea, but if they do germinate, they will not like being indoors much. this palm NEEDS sun, even as a dinky seedling.

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Thanks for the reply, If the seeds germinate (in a germinator at present) I plan on supplimenting artificial lighting, I realise there are other palms more suited to indoor culitivation, (also germinating several others)
but this one would be a challange !

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