HAVE: Genuine South Korean chile pepper seeds

pinkangel420(Z6a)March 15, 2008

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've been on these forums. I used to be an active trader here on GW until I came temporarily to work in South Korea last year. I didn't know how much I'd miss the states. Now it's spring planting time and I'm itching to get my garden started. The problem is, there isn't much of a selection here in Korea for seeds. Don't get me wrong - there's a huge garden avenue in downtown Seoul but Koreans are pretty much happy with their staples - lettuce, cabbage, radish, hot peppers (talk about variety here!), and their run of the mill flowers - zinnias, 4 oclocks, red salvia, and pansies.

However, what I have to offer for trade are genuine Korean hot pepper seeds used in making kimchi. I harvested these myself while I was down in the countryside of Ichon during the kimchi making festival last October-November. There will be 30 seeds/trade. I also have other native Korean seeds available such as white cotton, purple aquileglia (limited), Impatiens balsaminia (Koreans wrap the petals of these flowers around their fingernails when they sleep to get a natural manicure), a broken fushia and yellow four o'clock mix, Korean wisteria, persimmon, jujube, and korean morning glory seeds.

I also have access to commercial seeds if you have a request for something in particular. They've got everything from other varieties of hot peppers, korean sweet melons, pumpkins, squash, balloon flower, etc. Just name it and I'll see if I can get it for you. Here are some of the items I'm looking for:

Hot peppers:

Rocoto - yellow or red. You would make my day!

Bishop's crown



Black pearl and or any other dark purple foliage pepper

Wenk's yellow hot

Lemon drop

Make an offer - I left my entire seedbox at home not knowing how long I was going to be working here (2 years!)

Tomatoes- looking for heirlooms, especially cherry types

Check my list for other stuff I'm looking for. I know you've probably got your seeds started. Postal service takes 10 days on average to get things from me to my folks in NJ.



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I'd be interested in the korean chilis.... (i have a few rocoto though they aren't on my list because i have very few, but I could spare a couple.

Here is my list....
Updated Share List 3-15-2008

Thai Dragon
Thai Bird
Long red Cayenne
Hot Romanian
Hot Hungarian
Hot Bosnian
Hot Bannana
Pasilla Bajio
Holy Mole
Chilie Ancho San Luis
India Goat horn
Peruvian Purple
Cherry Bomb
Early Jalepeno
Carribean Red
Chilie Guajillo
Chilie De Arbol
Black Pearl
Numex Big Jim Chili
Color Marbles (ornamental)
Fruit Basket
Big Chili
Super Chili Hybrid
Hot Wax
Long Jim Cayenne
Anaheim Chili
Ancho 101

Sweet Peppers

White King
Purple King
Orange King
California Wonder
Sweet Italian
Sweet Romanian
Sweet Bosnian
Sweet Banana
Chocolate King
Valencia (red bells)
Jackpot Yellow Bell
Pumpkin Pepper


Beefy Boy
Cherokee Purple
Howard German
Giant Belgium
Yellow Pear
Jet Star
Big Cherry
Aunt Ruby's German Green
Great White
Purple Price
Mr. Stripey
Banana Legs
San Marzano
Big Rainbow

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georgew79(Z5-6 MO.)

Hi I emailed you, with a list if you are interested please let me know, I have a few Rocoto seeds and some other rare wild pepper species, all very Hot. I'm intersted in finding some Korean Watermelons and some others.
Thank you
George W. Z5-6 Mo.

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Hi Elizabeth,
are you still in korea? and interested in a trade? I am looking for some seeds!

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She was suposed to be moving back to the states in Dec. and going back to school.
She hasn't answered any E-Mails in a long time so I don't know what she is up to lately.
She wanted some of my seeds for this spring but I haven't been able to get in touch with her.
Hope she is all right.
She was sick for a while but I thaught she was over that....
It would be good to hear from her again.She is a very nice person.
I have some seeds with her name on the packs that need a new home with her.Hope she pops up soon.

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Just heard from Elizabeth a couple days ago.
She is Working lots of hours and has been sick.
Didn't say where she was though-States or S. Korea still.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whoo Hooo!

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