My Shimane Chojuraku

graycrna4uApril 28, 2014

I bought this plant on Saturday for my mother as a Mother's Day gift. It has three buds and cost $50. Less than 4 days later here it is still in the pot. It is about 3 to 4 feet tall and healthy.

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Here is another shot.

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That is absolutely beautiful. Looks like a very large bloom.

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The lower bloom in the second shot is huge and smells wonderful. The two upper blooms are a little smaller and opening completely differently than the lower bloom. The two upper blooms in the first picture opened the midsection first, than the petals are filling in slowly. The one large bloom opened as one large bud at one time. Interesting behavior.

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Very good. I don't detect any fragrance from any of my tree peonies, of which I have several varieties. This resembles one of mine in color, though mine I think is less double, and scentless. It has those very dark flares. The plant is tall and the flowers are big.
I don't know the names of any of my tree peonies. Here the retail nurseries buy them from the big propagators who sell them with a picture and the bloom color, and that's all. It would be nice to know, though the varieties I've gotten have been uniformly magnificent.

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