edulis or incarnata ?

greenman62August 18, 2014

I had grown some seeds.
i had both edulis and incarnata seeds i planted in pots.
also had an incarnata plant last year, which i thought died

now,. i have several plants in the ground and one in a pot
and i dont know what is what.

#1 is a different camera
dont know if that has anything to do with colors etc...






_ - also 3 - same plant - _

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I have a post titled "Maypop Bloom," your flower seems very similar to my P. incarnata. If you have multiplication of your original plant, it is likely a P. incarnata. I noticed my edulis in it's juvenile form looks almost shrubby with single lobed leaves, as my edulis matures it develops additional lobes on the leaves and sends out tendrils.

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I remember you had a post earlier about pollination and fruit production. I have found that a P. incarnata x P. Vitifolia cross works. Both fruits of each plant are supposed to taste good. Right now I have 3 fruits on my P. incarnata and 1 on my P. vitifolia from this particular cross. They bloom at similar times, so it's easier to obtain fresh pollen.

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yes, the large plant i have, which i think is from last year (maypop i think)
has lots of flowers. sometimes 2-3 daily.
no fruit.
tried using a different maypop, and also a caerulea as pollinators.

i have one in a container
(the pic with the bee)
and that plant just gave me fruit.
not ready to eat yet, but this is a small young plant.

starting to think none of these are edulis.

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