Tree peony Yachiyotsubaki

suel41452April 25, 2008

I just bought 2 tree peonies "Yachiyotsubaki". Judging by the name, I guess it's a japanese instead of chinese TP.

The instructions said to plant the graft union 1" underground, but I did a search and some here recommended planting them 6" below the ground. These plants are old enough to have 1 bloom (they're blooming now), are about a foot high.

Should I baby them in the pot this summer & plant them in the fall, which I have successfully done with regular peonies? Any planting advice would be welcome, as well as any experience with Yachiyotsubaki. Thanx! Sue

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Hi Sue, the answer might depend on how large the pot is. Where did you buy them? The books I have praise Yachiyotsubaki (eternal camellia) as reliable, vigorous as well as beautiful.

I can attest to its strength. Last spring I bought three tree peonies as small bare root grafts. I planted them out with care in an area that was visited later in the summer by a mole (moles) and the tunneling disturbed the peony roots. One of the peonies was fatally damaged. Like an idiot I lost the notes on which was planted where, so I don't know which one I lost.

Yachiyotsubaki is easily identified by its wonderfully colored foliage and is about to bloom. The other survivor looks healthy but I will have to wait at least another year til it blooms to learn which one it is.

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It's in a pretty small pot now, but I'd transfer it to a 5 gallon pot until fall.

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If the pot is as large as a gallon, I'd be tempted to leave it alone if it is doing well. Does anyone with more experience want to weigh in?

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I planted 3 Yachiyotsubaki (small, one year graft) last spring. I started them in a 3-5 gallon pots. I mixed topsoil w/ sand - read that potting soil retain too much water. However, the water seem to sit in the pot and did not drain well despite the extra holes I drilled on the bottom and side of the pots. Ended up putting them in the ground. Two of them have leaf out and don't know if the third one is alive - will wait and see. Would love to hear how others pot their tree peony in spring, type of soil, size of pot, etc. Another poster had mention that the tree peony planted in spring tend to die down whereas if planted in the fall would not.

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The pots I have to replant in are nursery pots with really big drain holes, so I don't think drainage would be a problem.
I think the TPs may be in 1 gal. pots; they're 8" diam. x 9" high pots. I was thinking I need to bury them 6" from the graft now so they can start growing roots from the TP.
Rian, do you know when your Yachiyotsubaki bloomed? I mean, what month.
Thanx for your suggestions, guys!!

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It bloomed today! The flower didn't open completely because the weather turned cold last night. On the plants that bloomed wide open yesterday--the rockii and the purple from Park (thank you, Alina) the petals have closed into cups again also.

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Awesome! I think it's such a gorgeous flower!!! Sue

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Hi Rian,
I am glad your new baby from Park's is doing well! So your "surprise color" is purple. Mine was light pink with darker stripes. I also have a flower bud opening on my new TP from Garden Grossing. And 2 more TP have buds. It is so exciting!
Pictures anyone?

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