Moving day coming up soon.

subtropixMarch 8, 2012

Just saw the two week extended forecast for my area--boy, it seems to be warming up nicely! Will be moving out the big cycads, Butias, Queens, Sabals, and Date palms. I usually protect them for about a week from full sun by keeping them in the eastern exposure then move them into the southern exposure. It's near a structure, so there is protection from wind, sun and frost (to some extent). Have to transplant quite a few of the Dates and Washingtonias into larger containers too. Gonna be busy this Saturday and can feel those aches and pains already. Moving into the mid 70s today with very windy/dry conditions.

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Threw my back out yesterday in the garden. Mostly bending and raking out the dry leaves I used to insulate the bases of my new palms planted last spring. I won't need to do as much next year since they've all wintered over and will be established with the exception of the pindo which I will likely have to protect forever (and hence rethinking my choice). Take it easy in the garden.

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brooklyngreg(7a NYC coastal plain)

Hi Wetsuiter,

Try heat on the back 10-15 minutes at a time and and don't re-injure it. I started venting my palms and removing some covering too because being covered in plastic is too hot now that we are 72*.

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I lost one of my Pindos planted in the ground last winter. It was not protected and last winter was VERY snowy and/or rainy. It was more the prolonged cold of last winter (and the WET) as opposed to extreme cold that did it in. This winter would have been no problem. I may try another one in the ground in the futrure as I have a bunch in containers and they do grow fast. I would say that Pindos do appreciate the protection from the wettness. Also want to plant any T.fortunei as I have a pair in the ground but think groups of three look better than pairs (hopefully, three will not prove to be a crowd.) I already did a lot of spring chores back in December and February...leaf clean up, feeding and liming the lawn, fertilizing the broadleaf evergreens, etc.. --It was that warm. Enjoy the weather!

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Greg, actually my nurse practitioner said ice for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling, then heat after that. Took it easy today and the ice seems to have helped. Still so much to do in yard... Saw first local tulip Magnolias blooming and heard spring peepers singing before sunset. Lots of 60s and 70s in forecast after 33 tomorrow night. No freezes in sight.

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I was pretty sore from all the yard work I did this week, but it was worth it because the yard is now ready for summer again! I got a ton of plants outside now and tomorrow I will be bringing a ton of plants back inside. And then Sunday I will be bringing a ton of plants back outside again. The reason why I do this is because I would rather get them adjusted when temperatures are in the 60s and 70s because when its in the 80s all my indoor plants burn in the sun. Looks like freezes are almost a thing of the past, tomorrow might be the last one of the season (if we even get one tomorrow!)
Greg, do you still have protection on your palms? I uncovered mine a while back, but I just put all the lights and garbage bins away today. Still have them closeby just in case!
I just put a garbage bin over one of my pindos (with no lights) and so far it still looks alive and healthy which I was really surprised about. My stronger pindo was given full protection though!
Looking forward to next week's nice weather.
Good luck everyone and remember not to plant too early!

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Okay, I got the Sagos, Citrus, Queens, Meds, Washys, Butias, and Dates out. Really needed a good watering. Just lost a couple of plants--a Chinese fan (due to dryness), and a mango (too cold in there for it I guess)--but the tropical guava and Caribbean avocado went through just fine.

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