2009 Peony Wish List

maifleur01April 6, 2009

It is time to start thinking of what peonies that you want to have to fill in the bare spots in your collection. I am a member of several of the Peony Societies around the country. Each of them have annual or semi-annual peony sales. Please tell me if there is anything that you would like to see at their sales. Since I live in KCMO I especially would like suggestions for HPS's sale this October.

Please use your regional club as a source for information and plants.

I have heard that there is a new club starting in Wisconsin but have no details.

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jqpublic(7b/8a Wake County NC)

I've always wanted a fern-leaf peony (Paeonia tenuifolia)!

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Maifleur, I'd love it if the peony societies would ship to members that can't make it to the meeting. There are several lily societies that do that. :)

I need to renew my HPS memembership, I think it expired this year.

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HPS decided because of difficulty shipping and giving an equal chance to everyone that they would not do shipping. Some of the others have done some shipping MAPS but most will only do so if they have a really special plant.

Have had too many people complain of the cost of shipping and wanting a refund after receiving the plants.

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White Cap
Coral Sunset
Chun Xiao (Sprint Morning)
Xuan Li Duo Cai (Great Floridness)
Rose Heart
Candy Stripe

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olgaflowers(8 - DFW)

Would love to find this Peony, Rozella !
Happy Gardening :)

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A few more that interest me in form/color with fragrance:

Mme Furtado
Lilac Time
Jeanne d' Arc
Gold Standard

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You can pretty much offer me any peony and I wouldn't turn it down. :) I've never met one I didn't like. :)

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Just a reminder although I mentioned using the various peony society sales if you are searching for a particular peony and do not know of a nursery or friend that will supply you post the information. Several growers do read this along with regular gardners. Some one who reads this may have the perfect peony for you.

Houdonii posted a couple that are available in europe but to my knowledge not here. If you know of a source please post. FYI Rose Heart and Rozella are mentioned in Adelman's catalog among others. So check your favorite supplier as different growers charge different prices for the same plant. But I will add to the list of wanted peonies.

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There may be other nurseries that provide the peonies I listed, but here's what I've found:

www.4irises.com (in San Jose):
Chun Xiao (Spring Morning)
Xuan Li Duo Cai (Great Floridness)

All the peonies in my 2nd post are available from a Canadian Nursery...

La Pivoinerie D'Aoust Peony Nursery (http://www.paeonia.com/):
Mme Furtado
Jeanne D'Arc
Lilac Time
Lavon (available at Adelman's as well)
Gold Standard (widely available)

Pivoine is the French word for peony. A location where you can find peonies may be called a pivoinerie. Lindsay D'Aoust is the owner of the nursery I listed. Before too long, I may have to call my backyard "La Pivoinerie D'Houdinii"

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4 iris yummmm. Have you ordered from them? Several years ago I posted a request for little or locally known nurseries that have peonies. I think I will add to list.

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Oh lord, I'm doomed. www.4irises.com has some of the most beautiful peonies I've ever seen.

Has anyone ever grown Golden Wheel (Huang Jin Lun)? I've been lusting over this peony for years... I just wonder how well it would grown in my Iowa dirt.

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I have not ordered from either nursery. I do like the herbaceous officinalis 'Rosea Plena'.

Someday, I would also like the tree peony 'Jade Flower' as shown here (or even the suffruticosa 'Er Quiao' - Twin Beauty...further below on that webpage):


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Cricket Hill Garden has 'Philomele' for $35, w/free shipping.

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I just realized 4irises offers Philomele as well. So, they have a couple that I would like, and at decent prices, too.

officinalis 'Rosea Plena'
Xuan Li Duo Cai (Great Floridness)
Chun Xiao (Spring Morning)

Those last 2 are my favorite, if the pictures are true to form.

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I want true, flowering sized plants of P. mlokosewitchii (sp? - too lazy to look it up), rockii, veitchii, and delavayi.

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Brooks Gardens is one of the only true moloko plant sources. Threse also has a wonderful amount of tree peonies that you seldom see so if possible this is a must place during the tree peony season. No, they do not sell tree peonies even though I have been trying to get them to do so.

Here is a link that might be useful: Molly link

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As far as tree peonies go:


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Tree peony ---Ukare Jishi

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peonyman(Zone 5, Lawrence, Ks)


I assume that Xuan Li Duo Cai and Chun Xiao are Chinese herbaceous peonies. All of the Chinese herbaceous peonies I have grown seem to share the same fault. They all have very weak stems.

I don't have a lot of experience with them but I grow
Lian Tai
Purple Hibiscus
Da Fu Gui
2 or 3 others that I cant remember the names. They all sound greek to me. Hum, Chinese anyway.


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For Tickertoo,

I was reading this post to gather info on favorite peonies. I absolutely broke up when I read your reply! I know EXACTLY how you feel. The other day I felt totally frustrated trying to pick out two varieties from of the kazillion I found on just three websites. I CAN'T MAKE UP MY MIND! I WANT THEM ALLLLLL.

I shut down my browser in sheer frustration . . . Today I'm back at it again; staying calm. God help us . . .

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I have Gold Standard that I bought from Countryman's Peony Farm in Northfield, VT. This is its second Spring season blooming and I adore it! (of course I adore all my peonies, but this one is a sweet perfection)

Here's some info on Countryman's:

Countryman Peony Farm, Northfield (802) 485-8421; FAX (802) 485-9421; countrymanpeonyfarm@netscape.com (818 Winch Hill Road, Northfield, VT 0563) Open daily, 10-dusk, June 1-July 10. Visitors always welcome. One of the worldÂs largest herbaceous peony collections, over 1000 varieties; species, hybrids, singles, Japanese, semi doubles and doubles; early, midseason and late bloomers. Choose varieties for cut flower, garden accent or landscape use. Many antique types as well as the latest varieties on display. Peonies sold anytime but will only be delivered in Sept. - Oct. (the proper planting time). Orders may be shipped or picked up at the farm. Phone or write for information or directions.

One thing to note is that although they have over 1000 varieties of peonies, they only sell about 60 different cultivars each year.


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One of the APS bulletins Countryman's was offering a CD with various blooms on it. You can probably send them an email to check the price. It should be worth what every price it is sold for.

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I want a peony with the best and strongest fragrance. I hear that Eden's Perfume is the best.

True or is there another better one? Opinions?

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I just had a peony "Crystal Palace" by Saunders, bloom after two years for the first time. It's anemone type flower. Beautiful form. It's from Blossom Hill Nursery in Ontario. They have a great collection. But in the fall they only sell a limited number. La Pivoinerie d' Aoust is very good and I like what they have to offer.

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Do you know what number Crystal Palace is. I can not find a Saunders with that name?

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Update: In the KCMO area, the HPS Fall Sale (which is open to everyone) is scheduled for Sep 26th, with guest speaker Carsten Burkhardt. The potluck meal and auction on the 25th is open to HPS members only. Membership is only $5 annually.

By the way, is there a discount on peonies for HPS members at the sale?...and if so, what is it?

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Up until the last sale there was a 5-10% discount for members. Because the prices of the peonies was so low that no discount would be given for that sale. No discussion as to discounts for this year.

Most years a few items will be for sale at a really cheap rate prior to the dinner. These items depend on receiving donations. I picked up 4 intersectional seedlings, Fairfield X Golden Era, from Jackie Jansen at the last sale. Sometimes some of the sources used will send one or two extra plants not of the type requested. These are generally special plants and not the run of the mill ones. I will be digging my Saunders "Hope" this year depending on the size and shape of the roots they may go either to the auction, where I got them, the sale, or the pre-dinner sale. Of course if the roots look bad because I have not taken time to divide regularly I will just plant back. No need to put trash out there.

Just more reasons to come to the dinner.

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