moving a tree peony????

gardengirl_nancy(Z5 Midwest)April 27, 2007

We are moving soon and I want to take one of my tree peonies with me. This one is smaller and younger than the others, maybe a foot and a half tall. How deep are their roots? Do you think it will survive? Should I try leaving it in a pot until fall, or should I put it back into the ground as soon as possible? I would never attempt to move the larger ones for fear of killing them, but this one I thought maybe, just maybe, I could get away with it. What do you think? THANKS!

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

dig around it about 12 inches from the main stem. dig deep! have a garbage bag or pot of burlap ready. leaving as much dirt around it as possible, move it to whatever you chose to transport it. put it back in the ground as soon as possible at your new location. if you can, wait till it goes dormant. otherwise do it now and water it well.

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goodhors(z5 MI)

Be careful of the roots, try to get a very large pot to sit tree into as protection while moving it. The tree peony roots break very easily, just snap off.

I think I would go around tree peony a little further out than Cody, see what I ran into. Then move closer if no roots visible. My roots were deep under main stem.

I moved mine in late Summer, watered it a lot before winter set in. I tend to baby mine the first year, used a rose collar as wind protection, filled with leaves or sawdust after freezing sets in. Then remove collar about when the Daffodils start blooming, ground is softer not freezing deep anymore. They made the move, though I was sure I had killed one. They even bloomed!! I was very surprised at that.

If you have to move now, it is best to take the plant when you go. Planning to come back doesn't seem to work well, or even happen. Take the plant, give it your best shot, hope for a good ending.

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I just transplanted my tree peony about two weeks ago in anticipation of my moving. I put it into a pot and found it transplanted easily and is growing vigorouly now in a pot. So, it should be fine for you.

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