Passiflora ID Please

misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)August 24, 2009

Last winter I bought and planted three passis - one Lady Margaret, and two P. caeruleas, or so I thought. One of them has blooms that look like P. caerulea -

The other one got overgrown by some 'Incense' but I cut the 'Incense' back, and it's come out. The flowers don't look like P. caerulea to me - I'm sure it was mislabeled. I got these passis at Home Depot, so I doubt that it's anything unusual or rare. Anybody know what this is?



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Hi Sherry,

Here's what I would try--it may or may not work, but at least it's quick. Grassy Knoll Exotics sells a ton of Passifloras. Go to to their site:

You can do a search. From the looks of it you can probably guess it's part P. caerulea. Their site generally lists the parentage of the hybrids they sell. So do a search for P. caerulea and you'll get the P. caerulea hybrids.

Look down the pictures. I'm trying to decide if I should tell you--it's pretty clear...

If that doesn't work perhaps a similar search at Logee's or Kartuz will find it. By the way I've seen that hybrid for sale at Home Depot in Northern California.

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Hello Sherry!

Thanks for the Passie picture posts! I love having a picture to look at when someone wants help with identification.

I would agree that the first picture is a P. caerulea. The second looks like a P. 'Blue Bouquet' to me. P. 'Blue Bouquet' does have caerulea as a parent.....well actually a few times ;-). It is a complex hybrid of caerulea and amethystina.

Hope you enjoy your Passies blooms!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I'll try those online nurseries, Mark - thanks!
I agree that one parent is probably P. caerulea, Crystal, because the leaves look like it, which is probably why they wrongly ID'd it.
Whatever it is, the gulf frit caterpillars eat it, so it serves both purposes for me.
I love those passionvines!

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

I looked through Grassy Knoll and Logee's Greenhouse, and I agree that it's most likely 'Blue Bouquet.'
I knew I shouldn't have gone through GK, because I wound up ordering P. umbilicata and P. 'Indigo Dream' - I've been wanting these two for a while, and they were both available, so, you know how it is, I couldn't help myself, and I ordered them! :) I'm such a passiholic!

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I believe Crystal is correct--check the Grassy Knolls site, searching for caerulea or Blue Bouquet.

I meant to say above that in general if you don't find something at Grassy Knolls you should check other sites, such as Kartuz and Logee's. In this case it's not necessary.

But out of curiosity I checked the other nurseries. Kartuz doesn't have it. Logee's claims to have it, but I believe the picture they show is of something other than 'Blue Bouquet'.

Here's Logee's mislabeled photo:

I'm not positive, but the flowers of the Logee's plant look a lot like P. 'Blue Horizon', a plant I own. I bought 'Blue Horizon' from Annie's Annuals. The picture Annie's has in their online catalog for this plant is P. caerulea, Not P. 'Blue Horizon'.

There are a lot of mislabeled photos and plants out there.

Hopefully I'm not making this more confusing. Your plant is indeed P. 'Blue Bouquet'

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You posted again while I was writing my post--I wasn't responding to your most recent one, but your previous one.

Check out the Logee's photo again.

P. umbilicata is a great plant.

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And if that's not enough, Glasshouse Works has yet a different flower labeled P. 'Blue Bouquet'.
(scroll down and click to enlarge)

When in doubt I would go with Grassy Knoll.

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misssherry(Z8/9SE MS)

Hmmmm......Glasshouseworks 'Blue Bouquet' looks very different. I agree that Grassy Knoll is probably the right one.
The butterflies go for the 'Blue Bouquet' more so than many of the others.

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The Logee's one is different, but it's not quite as obvious as the GHW one. The most obvious difference is that the white band on the corona on the Logee's flower is too distinct.

Then there's Martha Stewart's version:

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